Guest Post + Collab | Blogging While Balancing A Full-Time Job & Living Life

Hey Guys!! Welcome to a new post. Firstly, the idea for this post came from a few people asking me how I managed blogging while working etc. Days later I received another question similar to the above while asking for questions on Instagram for a Q&A post. After receiving so many signs that this should… Continue reading Guest Post + Collab | Blogging While Balancing A Full-Time Job & Living Life


ATBA Travels | 4 Hours in Philly, PA

Hey guys! *cues Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's theme song* ......... I went to Philly y'all! Who goes to a whole other state just to have lunch?!? Okay, we didn't go solely for lunch, but our time spent here was short compared to NYC. If you caught my last post, 8 hours in NYC you'd also realize… Continue reading ATBA Travels | 4 Hours in Philly, PA


ATBA Travels | 8 Hours in New York City

Hey Guys! In case you didn't know I recently celebrated my birthday last month, and for this year's celebration I took it to the East Coast. More specifically I was in Hamilton, New Jersey but this was my first time being on that side of the United States. Since I was so close to the… Continue reading ATBA Travels | 8 Hours in New York City


The 24th Chapter – Living Fearlessly

You made it! Remember - all those things you thought you wouldn't get through; all the times you felt like giving up? None of that matters now, you made it through to another year. There may have been goals or plans you didn't get to achieve, but that's the beauty of starting another year. Mistakes made and lessons… Continue reading The 24th Chapter – Living Fearlessly


Protective Style + Hair Update

Hey Guys! I've really been delaying this post for quite some time. Truth is, I've just been lazy and not in the mood to write. However, I'm forcing myself to get it done because "discipline". If you're an OG (original) follower you would have seen that I had a strict schedule of posting on Sundays… Continue reading Protective Style + Hair Update


September Roundup + October Goals

Hey Guys! The months have been flying by so quickly that I haven't been able to keep up with these monthly highlights/goals posts. Anyway, I decided to join these two posts together and get rid of the "Currently" I am section. Hopefully this would make it easier and I'd be able to remain consistent. Take… Continue reading September Roundup + October Goals


6 Behaviors That Will Destroy A Friendship

Hey Guys! Now that you figured out how to maintain a friendship, what do you do when they start showing "toxic" behavior? Toxic behavior can be anything and it's usually hard to tell at first. More so, you'd probably notice it but refuse to accept it because, hey it's your friend and y'all have a… Continue reading 6 Behaviors That Will Destroy A Friendship


Review | Danieri Hotel – Asunción, Paraguay

Hey Guys! As you may or may not know, I recently went to Paraguay for a work trip and now that I'm back it's time to share some details. It's been a while since I travelled, and I'm also now realizing I didn't post anything about my summer vacation. Nonetheless, here is a review on… Continue reading Review | Danieri Hotel – Asunción, Paraguay


Photo Diary: Bienvenido a Paraguay!

Hey Guys! Welcome to part 2 of my Paraguay trip, a photo diary. If you haven't already, check out my in-depth review of the trip. These are a few pictures I captured while in transit to different places during my stay. Hope you enjoy!   Downtown, near the "city center" Shopping for local crafts Various… Continue reading Photo Diary: Bienvenido a Paraguay!