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Carnival Vibes ~ Antigua 2018

Hey Guys! From fete to fete to fete to mas, partying non stop. We have pre-carnival fetes as early as May, however if it's one weekend you need to be here for it is the one leading up to parade day. Check out my Carnival Vibes 2017 post to see the comparison. New promoters came… Continue reading Carnival Vibes ~ Antigua 2018


Caribbean Festivals Bucket List

Now we all know of Coachella and the various EDM festivals in the US, but here in the Caribbean we have our fair share. Most may be in the form of Carnivals, however each island offers something different. Here's my bucket list of Caribbean Festivals: Trinidad Carnival ~ Feb 2018 The biggest and the baddest.… Continue reading Caribbean Festivals Bucket List

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CARNIVAL VIBES ~ Antigua 2017

"Whole year we waiting, and we anticipating.....#WaitingontheStage"Β  Well the wait was finally over last week and now we wait again for 2018. Real Vibes & Music Dubbed The Caribbean's Greatest Summer Festival, Antigua's carnival takes place from the last week of July to the first week of August. The first Monday & Tuesday Β of August… Continue reading CARNIVAL VIBES ~ Antigua 2017

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Embracing Our ROOTS – Colours in Africa

Partyyyy Time!Β  Where I'm from we use every excuse to party, and it just so happens that summer is known for one of our biggest festivals: CARNIVAL. Carnival is simply a celebration of our emancipation from slavery. It was birthed from a time when slavery was abolished and people took to the streets in celebrations.… Continue reading Embracing Our ROOTS – Colours in Africa