ATBA Travels | 4 Hours in Philly, PA

Hey guys! *cues Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's theme song* ......... I went to Philly y'all! Who goes to a whole other state just to have lunch?!? Okay, we didn't go solely for lunch, but our time spent here was short compared to NYC. If you caught my last post, 8 hours in NYC you'd also realize… Continue reading ATBA Travels | 4 Hours in Philly, PA


ATBA Travels | 8 Hours in New York City

Hey Guys! In case you didn't know I recently celebrated my birthday last month, and for this year's celebration I took it to the East Coast. More specifically I was in Hamilton, New Jersey but this was my first time being on that side of the United States. Since I was so close to the… Continue reading ATBA Travels | 8 Hours in New York City


Photo Diary: Bienvenido a Paraguay!

Hey Guys! Welcome to part 2 of my Paraguay trip, a photo diary. If you haven't already, check out my in-depth review of the trip. These are a few pictures I captured while in transit to different places during my stay. Hope you enjoy!   Downtown, near the "city center" Shopping for local crafts Various… Continue reading Photo Diary: Bienvenido a Paraguay!


ATBA Travels |Asuncion, Paraguay

Hey Guys! I low-key feel like I should start referring to September as "Solo Travel September". Funny enough, last September I was in Bonn, Germany and this year my very first time to South America visiting Asunción, Paraguay. Even though both these trips were for work I'm still very appreciative of the opportunity. Otherwise, who… Continue reading ATBA Travels |Asuncion, Paraguay

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Feature of the Month: Global Gyal

Reading Time: 6 - 8 minutes. Grab a snack and enjoy a little travel inspiration. [I - Interviewer (me), A - Alyssa aka Global Gyal] I: I’ve known of Alyssa for several years and more so recently through a mutual friend; my best friend is also one of her best friends. I was inspired to… Continue reading Feature of the Month: Global Gyal


Caribbean Festivals Bucket List

Now we all know of Coachella and the various EDM festivals in the US, but here in the Caribbean we have our fair share. Most may be in the form of Carnivals, however each island offers something different. Here's my bucket list of Caribbean Festivals: Trinidad Carnival ~ Feb 2018 The biggest and the baddest.… Continue reading Caribbean Festivals Bucket List


Photo Diary // 48 hours in Bonn, Germany

What I know most of you guys been waiting on, PICTURES. These are just a few shots I took while walking around the city or commuting to and fro the meeting area. It was absolutely stunning seeing all the building designs and just how clean the city looked *like out of a movie*. Sadly, I… Continue reading Photo Diary // 48 hours in Bonn, Germany


Traveling Solo Chronicles

Hey Guys!! Last  weekend I embarked on a journey I would have never imagined myself doing. Well at least in reality, because I've always dreamed of touring Europe but this was different. Two months ago I received an email from my supervisor asking if I was interested in a particular meeting being hosted in Bonn.… Continue reading Traveling Solo Chronicles

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Eat Outs // OJ’s Beach Bar & Restaurant

Hey Guys!! This past Sunday took us a little south of the island in search of some good food. The first place we went to was closed, so we quickly decided on a second option which was relatively close by. It also happened to be my first time being at this restaurant. The general atmosphere was very… Continue reading Eat Outs // OJ’s Beach Bar & Restaurant


Montserrat // Weekend Trip Review Pt 2

I'm back with the last post of my little adventure weekend in Montserrat. I started earlier with the process of getting to MNI (country code) and ended at Friday, our first full day. Now for the rest of the weekend's shenanigans! The Volcano! Saturday morning was our first experience, unfortunately for us the sky was… Continue reading Montserrat // Weekend Trip Review Pt 2