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What started off as a way to document my college experiences almost four years ago has now turned into my passion. It was hard at first to remain consistent and decide what to actually blog about, but as I continued to live, love and learn it became easier. As Told by Ali is my baby, my pride and joy. It seeks to inspire the everyday reader and to motivate everyone into living their best life. I speak about my experiences with life (young adulthood, career, money, health etc), my natural hair journey and living on an island.

About the Author

My name is Aaliyah (ah-lee-ya) and I was raised on the beautiful island of Antigua. I’m a lover of sunsets, pineapples on pizza, drinking wine, taking pictures, binge watching shows on Netflix, and going to the beach. *We can be besties now!*

I’m also a graduate of the Midwestern State University where I received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Geosciences (concentrating in Environmental Science). Currently, I’m employed as a Technical Data Consultant. I’ve always held a creative side to me, but still enjoy the outdoors/science field.

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