Food Spots

Eat Outs: 2-4-1 at Sugar Club, Antigua

Hey Guys! The eating continues, this time at the Sugar Club. This restaurant is located in Sugar Ridge Hotel, one of the most elite resorts on island. However, it is one of two restaurants  available which focuses on daily dining while the other is more suited for fine dining. On Wednesdays, they advertise a 2-4-1… Continue reading Eat Outs: 2-4-1 at Sugar Club, Antigua

Island Life

Carnival Vibes ~ Antigua 2018

Hey Guys! From fete to fete to fete to mas, partying non stop. We have pre-carnival fetes as early as May, however if it's one weekend you need to be here for it is the one leading up to parade day. Check out my Carnival Vibes 2017 post to see the comparison. New promoters came… Continue reading Carnival Vibes ~ Antigua 2018

Island Life

Antigua Sailing Week | Reggae in the Park

As you may or may not know this week was our annual sailing week celebrations. Usually, I'm not on island during the time of these events, but luckily I was here this time around and had transportation. These events are mainly held in English Harbour which is about 30-40 minutes from my home. They are… Continue reading Antigua Sailing Week | Reggae in the Park


Feature of the Month: Joel Manning

Reading Time: 10 -12 minutes. Grab a snack and prepare to be inspired. I - Interviewer (me), J - Joel I:Β I recently met Joel at a Rotaract social where I had fun beating him at dominos, but something about him peaked my interest. Thanks to social media I figured out what it was; turns out… Continue reading Feature of the Month: Joel Manning


Braided Protective Styles

Hey Guys! It's been awhile, huh? My hair update posts always come at a random time, but I want to make sure what I'm sharing is really an update. As you may know, I suffered a "little" heat damage late last year and I've been steady trying to correct it. I trimmed my hair myself… Continue reading Braided Protective Styles


Caribbean Festivals Bucket List

Now we all know of Coachella and the various EDM festivals in the US, but here in the Caribbean we have our fair share. Most may be in the form of Carnivals, however each island offers something different. Here's my bucket list of Caribbean Festivals: Trinidad Carnival ~ Feb 2018 The biggest and the baddest.… Continue reading Caribbean Festivals Bucket List


Blogmas // A Caribbean Christmas pt 3

Hey Guys! Guess what??? It's the last installment of the "Caribbean Christmas" series! Woohoo. First off, I'd like to thank each and every one of you who replied to my messages and participated. This would not have been possible without you and I really appreciate it. Hopefully we can all do a Caribbean blog collaboration… Continue reading Blogmas // A Caribbean Christmas pt 3


Blogmas | A Caribbean Christmas pt 2

Hey Guys! It's nice hearing the different views on how others are celebrating the Christmas season, don't you agree? We started off hearing from two of my blogging buddies in Grenada and Guyana (here); now we're going to hear from three more within the Caribbean region. ChloΓ©-Ana Braidy ~ JAMAICA Blog | Youtube 1 //… Continue reading Blogmas | A Caribbean Christmas pt 2


Blogmas // A Caribbean Christmas Pt 1

Hey Guys! Remember when I promised you something new for blogmas? Well, here it is! Instead of sharing my story, I decided to question some of my other Caribbean bloggers and share their stories with you. It will be a three-part series featuring different islands in the region. Welcome, Blogmas with An Caribbean Twist! In… Continue reading Blogmas // A Caribbean Christmas Pt 1