Welcome to my space on the internet where I share tips, tricks and vibes relating to my island life experiences and natural hair.

~ navigating the island lifestyle in Antigua and Barbuda,
~ balancing a career and passion for creating
~ mastering her natural hair journey.

I’m all about encouraging others to find their purpose and live life intentionally.
I aspire to be my authentic self and hope we can all live, learn and love together.

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My mind is constantly spinning with ideas of content to produce; whether it be through the use of graphics, photographs or written posts. As such, my tiny space here began to develop.

It began almost 4 years ago as an outlet during my time in undergrad. However, over the years my interests have grown. If you’re interested in lifestyle tips and tricks from a millennial (not sure how I feel about that word), travel stories, natural hair inspiration and the 411 on Antigua & Barbuda, you’re in the right place.

Along the way I picked up a life mantra: living, loving, learning. With it, I hope I inspire at least one of you to do something out of the ordinary.

I’m an island girl at heart. Born, raised and now residing in Antigua, land of 365 beaches. Despite not visiting the beach as often as you’d imagine, I absolutely love relaxing shoreside and soaking in the atmosphere. A part from the beach, I love utilizing social media and eating junk food (I know the limit, don’t worry). P.S. My first love in the creative world was graphic design; I don’t practice as much as I’d like, but it’s something I enjoy doing when the time arises.

Given that I’m multi-passionate, I don’t only blog for a living. I’m currently employed as a Technical Data Officer where I get the opportunity to work on various climate change projects, as well as gather/collect environmental related data. I earned my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Geosciences, concentrating in Environmental Science from the Midwestern State University. Low key, I’m itching to get back into school for a Master’s program.

Another part of life involves ‘service above self‘ where I’m a proud member of the Rotaract Club of Antigua. It’s a community service organization for young individuals under the arm of Rotary International. Presently, I hold the title of Public Relations Officer and Community Service Director. Being a member of this organization and executing these roles assist in pushing me out of my comfort zone.

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3 Stress Relief Methods ft Aromatherapy by Bath & Body Works

Hey Friends! For 2021, we are all about building better habits and one of those habits which require development is dealing with stress. 2020 was definitely a whirlwind but we’re not trying to psych ourselves out anymore in this pandemic. It ain’t going anywhere soon. To be honest, stress is a part of life and … Continue reading 3 Stress Relief Methods ft Aromatherapy by Bath & Body Works

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Let’s Work!

Hello! Thank you for your interest in my blog. As Told by Ali is a lifestyle and natural hair blog sharing insights on island living, my natural hair journey and lifestyle experiences. I’m also interested in graphic design and assist others in creating content for their brands.

I’m happy to work with any brands or fellow bloggers depending on the scope of work.
My media kit gives insight to the services being offered.

My platforms include my blog, Youtube channel, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Social media campaigns

blog posts/videos

ambassador programs

Feel free to contact me at astoldbyaliblog@gmail.com with your budget in mind and we can discuss any other ideas or services that interest you.

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