Partner With Me

Hello! Thank you for your interest in my content. As Told by Ali is a lifestyle blog sharing insights on island living, my travels and lifestyle experiences. I’m also interested in graphic design and assist others in creating content for their brands. I’m happy to work with any brand or fellow blogger depending on the scope of work. My media kit gives insight to the services being offered.

My platforms include my blog, Youtube channel, Instagram and Pinterest

Brand Collaborations

Bask & Bloom Essentials

2021 Summer Brand Ambassador; Using Bask & Bloom Essentials products I shared tips and tricks to achieve various hairstyles and how the products worked for me.

Chase Distributors Ltd.

Unboxing of items found at a local supermarket

Shop Zoe Mercedes

Small, black-owned Jewellery brand
Worked on their Specialty Pieces Campaign

Feel free to contact me at with your budget in mind and we can discuss any other ideas or services that interest you.

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