January Goals + Mantra of the Month

Hey guys, we're two weeks into January! THE STATS Time - 11:15 A.M. Feeling - Anxious and Content Listening To - The sound of the fan and the trees blowing outside. It's actually a pretty gorgeous day and I'm spending it inside #womp. Missing - My newest friend Nella and also this boy I've grown… Continue reading January Goals + Mantra of the Month

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2018: Unapologetic + Unstoppable

Hey everyone! Happy Monday and an oh so Happy New Year! We made it! It's 2018 and I have a mighty good feeling about this one. 2017 wasn't all that terrible nor was it great; just like any other year it had its ups and downs or more downs than ups. Nonetheless, I remain hopeful… Continue reading 2018: Unapologetic + Unstoppable


Quotes + Affirmations to Jumpstart Your Day

Morning my loves!! I know it's not everyday we wake up on the good side of the bed, ready to take on the world; so I've decided to share a few quotes and affirmations to help you jumpstart your day! Here we go: Quotes to get you going ~ Yesterday's worries are just that. Today… Continue reading Quotes + Affirmations to Jumpstart Your Day