Two Major Ways to Stay Out of the Comparison Trap

Hey Guys!

I had doubts writing this post because I didn’t want to sound like a stick record or too cliché. This topic is one that has been spoken about CONSTANTLY. Yet, we still do it. Why is it so easy for us to slip into this behavior of comparing ourselves to others?

I fell into the comparison trap way too often.

The first time I can remember being in too deep was when I had just graduated from college. Unlike others I wasn’t prepared for life after university; as such, I had no job, hardly any money and no focus. The biggest struggles was going on social media where I saw most of the people I graduated with flourishing; who wasn’t moving to a different state or country, landed a new classy job, some were settling down with their significant other and another set were working on themselves doing great things. Where was I? Stuck up in an apartment trying to figure out my next move. P.S Don’t get me wrong, I later learnt that there was nothing wrong with taking time to figure life out.

Trust me I know how frustrating being in the comparison trap can be. However, we owe it to ourselves to NOT fall in; today I will share two major ways that can help!

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1. Focus on Your Own Shit

Comparing yourself to others can lead to depression. Letting you believe that you’re not doing enough, you’re inadequate, not worthy etc etc. This was one of the reasons I had to take a break from social media, because I recently found myself getting caught up. Have you ever felt like you’re not doing enough? Like there’s something missing from your life? That’s another discussion though.

What you need to do is FOCUS ON YOUR OWN SHIT and not worry about what every other person is doing. You weren’t put here on earth to be like anyone else, you’re an individual with your own dreams and goals. One way to ensure that you’re focusing on yourself is to practice gratitude. You may not have everything you desire, but I’m certain you have something someone else doesn’t have. Even if you think you don’t, you have LIFE and that should be enough. A life you can do anything with.

2. The Grass is Greener Where you Water it.

If you want some thing, you have to be prepared to work for it. I honestly believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to. The only thing stopping you is YOU; by limiting yourself with your beliefs and the lack of time or energy you choose to put into getting things done.

The grass may only look greener on the other side but you don’t know what went into getting it that way. When we see all those lovely posts on social media we don’t know what it took for them to get there. Don’t assume it was easy. No-one shows the “behind the scenes” images only the end result. Put in the work, water and nurture your own grass!

What’s for you will be for you.

It’s a new month, let’s all refocus our yearly goals and enjoy the upcoming season.

4 responses to “Two Major Ways to Stay Out of the Comparison Trap”

  1. Honestly, you don’t sound cliche AT ALL. With social media so prevalent, it’s impossible to NOT compare yourself in some degree to other people, but I think your attitude is great to be honest – you gotta water your own grass! xx

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  2. Honey, honey! I just talked about this with an interviewee for my podcast. He said to only compare yourself to your past self. I call it your “yester-you” And it has helped me so much. Like, I don’t care how she/he got it. I’m proud for them, but what I got and what I’m working on over here is something for me to be proud of, because I sure didn’t have it yesterday or last month or last year. Great post!

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