As you get older you go through various transitions.
From primary school to high school,
high school to college,
college to university,
and finally university to adult life.

Each stage prepares you for the next, or at least that’s the idea.

I’m currently at the transition from university life to adult life and I’m barely coping.

At the previous levels it always took me awhile to adjust. In high school I never felt where I belonged until 3rd form (grade 9), and even then it was still a weird position. I had a group of friends which made it bearable, as well as the experience of going through high school. Then came college where everything began to change; first of all some of us attended different schools, then there was the fact where most of us were now attending a mixed school (girls and boys). P.s I went to an all girl’s high school, so that was another transition to get used to. The next big transition was from college to university; moving away from home, and meeting new people.

Definitely learned a lot of new things between that period, and throughout uni life.Β However, it’s now the biggest transition of my life—> the adult world. Honestly I don’t feel prepared or ready for it, and I’m definitely not handing it well. It’s been four months since I graduated, and I still haven’t found a job. This worries and scares me for various reasons. Thus, the last few weeks I’ve been frustrated and stressed resulting in little to no motivation/inspiration to blog. Everyone keeps saying “don’t worry about it”, “keep trying”, “your time will come” etc But i’m getting tired of waiting, and feeling like my life is going to waste.

Sigh. Transitions S U C K.

What are some ways you’ve dealt with your transitions? any advice? words of encouragement?

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  1. Hang in there! Change is tough. I take a long time to get my head around change, no matter how small it may seem. But after that first step, the rest become easier to take. Soon, you will be walking, then running.

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    1. liyahsworld says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. =)


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