Eat Outs: Gather Steakhouse, Dutchman’s Bay, Antigua

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There’s a new restaurant on the block and after a few weeks (or months) we finally got to check it out! From the title, you already know which restaurant I’m referring to. It’s Gather Steakhouse which is the sister restaurant to Garden Grill. As its name suggests, it’s a steakhouse offering various cuts of steak with options for shareable sides. I first visited this restaurant with my sisters for a celebratory dinner, then again with a friend. Therefore, this review came after two visits between the space of 3 months, just to make sure the first visit wasn’t solely a lucky chance. Let’s get into it!


As mentioned earlier, this is a sister restaurant to the famous Garden Grill located in Dutchman’s Bay. What makes it even more special, is that they are located right next to each other. Dutchman’s Bay is on the northeastern coast of Antigua and gives visitors a chance to experience another location from your typical English/Falmouth Harbour or Jolly Harbour. The vibe is much different from Garden Grill, and gives a more intimate, cozy feel. One thing which stood out to me was the lighting; the lights were dim but good enough for you to be able to read the menu. We also enjoyed the seating options, whereby we got a booth options but there was also your traditional tables and chairs. There’s an option for indoor and outdoor seating.


Given it’s a steakhouse, their menu offers a variety of cuts in steak. They also explain each type of cut and the temperature in which they can cooked to. In addition to steak, they offer shareable sides for the table and a small selection of other meats/dishes.


On my first visit I chose the Pull Apart Bread with Honey Butter & Garlic Butter. The bread was okay, although I was hoping for them to bring back memories of Texas Roadhouse rolls & cinnamon butter (iykyk) but it didn’t.

The Mains

There’s a combo plate special offered on the menu, which comes with your choice of steak (Manhattan or Filet Mignon), Shoe String Fries or Loaded Baked Potato and a Caesar salad or Chopped Salad for XCD $ 161. This was my choice the first time around where I went with the Manhattan steak. I got it at a Medium temperature after being converted from Medium-Well. However, I didn’t really enjoy it, something about the texture wasn’t really what I was accustomed too. My sisters got the Filet Mignon and indicated that it was nice, but the round cut of the steak wasn’t my preference. For my side I got the Loaded Baked Potato and Caesar Salad; the potato however was a bit dry and not to my liking.

The second time around, we went straight for the mains whereby I had the New York Strip with a side of Truffle Parmesan Fries. On my first visit, my nephew had the Mac & Cheese which I tried a bit of and it was really good. This really should have been my option for the second time around, but my friend had it instead and I went with the fries so we could try different things. However, next time I’m definitely sticking with the Mac & Cheese and maybe even giving the Filet Mignon a try. The NY strip was good but a little more on the fatty side.


Unfortunately on both occasions we were way too stuffed to enjoy any of their offers. From social media I can see that the dessert are definitely meant to be shared given the sizes.


They offer a selection of specialty cocktails ranging from XCD $29-40. I tried one of their Boozy Frozen Lemonades but it wasn’t what I thought it would be and I could hardly taste the alcohol. However, it tasted like real fruit juice and not syrup in which most places use.


Honestly, I enjoyed both of my visits here. The food was well prepared and the wait time was minimal. The staff were also attentive and helpful in selecting menu items. I’m not sure if there was something special on the last Friday in December but they were a bit packed and when we got our steaks they weren’t hot. Also, parking can be a bit tricky in the lot provided. However, there is space located on the outside but just for security reasons it wouldn’t be my preferred option. I would definitely keep Gather on my roster of restaurants though, but more so for special occasions.

Food: 3.8/ 5
Drinks: 3.5/ 5
Service: 3.5/ 5
Venue: 4/5

Price: $$$ – $$$$

Restaurant Info:

  • Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., Sundays 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Contact Information: (268) 771-6299
  • Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

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