My 2022 YouTube Wrapped as A Caribbean YouTuber

Happy New Year friends! πŸŽ‰ Welcome to another year; oh how quickly 2022 flew by. Although consistency has been kicking my butt on ALL platforms, I wanted to share a little recap of my 2022 on YouTube. I’m also looking for feedback and accepting suggestions on content ideas for 2023. As you may or may not know, I’m from Antigua, an island located in the Caribbean region. My access to opportunities other creators may receive is vastly limited, and travel is twice as expensive. Nonetheless, I like sharing about the activities I can enjoy here at home on my channel, mainly hotel stays. Therefore, I’m manifesting more of that for 2023! Let’s get into the 2022 recap!


#5 ANTIGUA VLOG: Devil’s Bridge, Nelson’s Dockyard & Shirley Heights Lookout (1.2K views)

In this vlog we did a mini tour to some of Antigua’s historical sites, the tour ended at Shirley Heights lookout for their popular sunset party. I’d definitely do the sunset party again!

#4 GRENADA Travel vlog: House of Chocolate, Lavo Lanes, Street Food Wednesday & more! (1.2K views)

Part 2 of my first trip for 2022 and travel vlog for the year. I enjoyed my time in Grenada as well as putting these clips together. This opened me up to wanting to visit all the other Caribbean islands and experiencing what they offer.

#3 WEEKEND VLOG: The Verandah Resort & Spa – Antigua STAYCATION (3.7K views)

As mentioned earlier, hotel stays are my thing! Spent the Easter weekend at the Verandah Hotel & Spa with my family. This is like our go-to resort just for how inclusive it is.

#2 Burna Boy Live Performance in Antigua 2022! πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¬ #LoveDamini pt. 2 (4.3K views)

This is actually a YouTube short which I posted in 3 parts from the Burna Boy concert in Antigua late last year. It’s also carrying my channel on its back! I got a flood of subscribers to my channel from this 3-part series. I wasn’t a fan before (nothing against him, just never listened to anything outside of the popular tracks) but this man can perform. He and his band were amazing. His stage presence, energy, everything. I’d definitely pay money to see him live in concert again.

#1 Come with me to GRENADA! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡© – Annandale Waterfalls, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort & More (7.9K views)

Drumroll please!! If part two made it to the list, of course part one had to be included. I told ya’ll Grenada was an experience. The funny thing about this, the trip was a work trip, but given how regional travel is I had two extra days to do what I wanted. We didn’t even get through the entire itinerary but it was still a vibe.

Aside from analyzing the numbers (views, impressions, etc.) on these videos, I plan to take note of the thumbnails, editing styles, titles and more in order to understand their growth. I’ve also been noting down other ideas for content based on these popular videos.

In total I published 26 forms of content, 18 videos and 8 shorts. Most of which were weekend or weekly vlogs. I also tried to start a series, Ali’s Antigua Adventures but it wasn’t going how I envisioned. Maybe I’ll revisit the idea. Most of my struggle (internal and external) comes from having the world of ideas and not being able to act on them. Hopefully that changes in 2023.


#1 United States of America
#2 United Kingdom
#3 Antigua & Barbuda


Watch Time: 2.3K Hours *need 4,000 to potentially monetize, currently at 3.4K but only 2,288 of those count*
Views: 34,848 (Current Total: 53.4K)
Subscribers: 203 *need 1,000 to potentially monetize, currently at 571*

P.S I didn’t start this channel with the intention of monetizing or to become “popular”. It was something I was interested in seeing if I can actually do, especially since I fell off with blogging, I thought why not try video. As much as editing pains me and it takes quite some time to get through *especially when you have a particular vision, work full time and go to school full time*, I must say I enjoy it.

This brings us to the end of the recap, hope you watched one of my top videos linked above, and you’re subscribed to my channel! πŸ‘€ Feel free to leave a comment on any ideas you may have below.

Until Next Time,

5 responses to “My 2022 YouTube Wrapped as A Caribbean YouTuber”

  1. Praying that you have a more consistent and fulfilling year of content creation in 2023! What you said at the start is so accurate for us as Caribbean creators. We get fewer opportunities, travel is so expensive (even across our own region) and at least for me in Jamaica, I find that when brands do choose to work with me they expect content for free or just for a hotel room (no travel costs, food etc included) and then they are surprised I say no/stand my ground. It’s sad how little we are appreciated but I guess we do this for the love and not the likes. Have a great year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your encouragement. Honestly, you’ve been such an inspiration to me on this blogging journey. Keep it up & wishing you the best this year.

      As for the brands, I hope they learn a thing or two this year! I’ve tried once and got discouraged because if they see you don’t have a certain amount of followers (over 10K) they don’t even want to continue the conversation. I also need to work on pitching myself more.

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