SPF Every Day – My Current Sunscreen Picks & Wish List

Helloooo, it’s 2023 and if it’s one thing I learned from the skincare girlies is the power of sunscreen! However, I must admit, I haven’t gotten into the reapplication step throughout the day, but I’ve been pretty consistent in applying sunscreen during my morning routine.

No matter your shade, age or the climate where you live, it is a proven fact that you should be wearing sunscreen. For the pretty obvious reasons, constant application of sunscreen can help in preventing sunburn, decrease your risk of skin cancer and premature ageing. However, recently, I learnt that it can also help with skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation.

Tips for Choosing a Sunscreen

First off, just in case you didn’t know, SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. An increase in value means an increase in sun protection!

  1. If you’re going outdoors or doing any outdoor activity for a prolonged period of time, you should get an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen
  2. There are two type of rays you need protection from UVB and UVA; therefore you need a Broad Spectrum sunscreen which protects you from both

These tips are lessons I recently learnt, so all may or may not apply to the products listed below. Now, let’s get into the current brands I have in rotation as well as the ones I’m hoping to add in the near future.

Black Girl Sunscreen

1/ Black Girl Sunscreen

One of the first brands I’ve tried solely for their name at first- like it was made for ME. With continuous use however, the product grew on me. It was very moisturising and a little sure did go a long way. As a plus, there was no white cast/residue and it was fragrance free as advertised.


  1. Great for every day use
  2. Doubles as a moisturising lotion
  3. Made by a woman of colour 🫢🏾

www.blackgirlsunscreen.com | $18.99
Also available at Target $15.99 and Ulta $15.99

La Roche-Posay Moisturizer and Sunscreen

2/ La Roche-Posay Face Moisturizer with Sunscreen

Bought this on a whim in New York since I didn’t travel with any face products. I liked that it doubled as both a moisturizer and SPF, especially when I saw how well it worked. It’s been my go-to since returning to Antigua, and I’m about to be due for another supply. It’s very lightweight and left me feeling moisturized throughout the day.


  1. Easily absorbs into skin
  2. Good for sensitive skin
  3. Provides all day hydration

www.laroche-posay.us | $20.99
Also available at Target $20.99, Ulta $20.99

Fenty Hyrda Vizor Sunscreen

3/ Fenty Skin: Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer

When Rihanna first came out with her Fenty Skin line I knew I wanted to support her given she’s from the Caribbean. However, the prices were a bit much for me, so I definitely waited for one of the sales before testing the products out. I got it in the travel size then fell in love and bought a full size version which is on its last pump.


  1. Lightweight hydration
  2. Refillable
  3. Reduces the look of dark spots overtime

www.fentybeauty.com | $41.00 (Refill $37.00)
Also available at Sephora $38.00 (Refill $34.00)

Supergoop Glow Screen Sunscreen

4/ Supergoop! Glow Screen

Got this in a PR package and made an application video over on IG. I thought it was cool how it came tinted and figured it would be great in the summer months. It comes in two colours, Golden Hour (Bronze) and Sunrise (Champagne).


  1. Glowing finish
  2. Wear on its own or as a primer
  3. Includes hyaluronic acid & niacinamide

www.supergoop.com | $38.00
Also available at Sephora $36.00

Brands that I’ve been eyeing to try:

Until Next Time,

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