Local Christmas Gift Guide: 32 Antiguan Small Businesses to Support

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Fa la la la la la la la 🎶 Christmas bells already?! Believe it or not we’re less than 50 days away from Christmas. Where did 2020 go?! Times may be a little different this time around but I hope you guys can still spread some Christmas cheer to those near and dear to you. As such I’ll be sharing a few local (Antiguan) businesses you can support during this time. Supporting small businesses means supporting your community and creating connections. A lot of work and effort went into their entrepreneurial journey, whether they’re offering a product or service, it was no easy decision. Big corporations don’t need your support as much as small businesses do. Let’s support someone’s dream!

What I particularly love about some of these small businesses are how innovative their owners are. Be sure to get your orders in as soon as possible since most of these items are handmade. I’ve gone ahead and divided the list into specific categories: Home Decor, Jewellry, Beauty & Skincare, Hair, Sweet Treats and Gifts for Friends & Family.

L-R: Chelle Decor, Ornamental 268, La Haut Studio, Profile 268


Chelle Decor

Not sure how to decorate your tree? Call Nichelle! I think this is perfect for personal Christmas trees as well as your office tree. She also does wreaths, swags and center pieces.

Contact Info: 268-720-5026 | info@chelledecor.com
Social Media: Instagram
Website: www.chelledecor.com 

Ornamental 268

“We don’t do simple, we make it 𝑶𝒓𝒏𝒂𝒎𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒂𝒍!” They specialise in wreaths, floral arrangements, centerpieces, festive decor and more.

Contact Info: 268-734 8461 | ornamentaldesigns4anu@gmail.com
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook


Profile 268

Affordable trendy accessories. Ya’ll already know this is where I get my pieces from!

Contact Info: 268-780-7071
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

La Haut Studio

Danielle sells polymer clay earrings in a variety of designs and themes. She is based in Canada but has an Etsy store where you can make your purchase.

Store: La Haut Studio
Social Media: Instagram

MM Stainless Steel

Wide selection of Stainless Steel jewellery!

Contact Info: 268-780-2000
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

L-R: Country Life Bath & Body 268, Sugar Antigua, Press Ons by Shad, Devika Richards Beauty


Zen Body and Skin Care

Quality skin care services are provided in a caring, personalised, professional environment. Offers include the latest in skin treatments, body treatments and anti-aging therapies. Gift someone you love a spa day.

Contact Info: 268-779-4846
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

Shop Devika Richards Beauty

We pride ourselves on promoting Clean Beauty and our Products are always Cruelty Free, Hypo-allergenic, Non-Comedogenic & Paraben Free.” Products include lipsticks, lip liners, beauty sponges and more.

Contact Info: 268-732-7781
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

Angel Eyes 2.0

Luxury collection lashes

Social Media: Instagram


Press Ons by Shad

 Luxury press on nail brand featuring reusable, affordable and fabulous alternative to acrylics.

Contact Info: 268-772-7481
Social Media: Instagram

Suga Antigua

Beauty, cosmetic & personal care products

Contact Info: sugaantigua@gmail.com
Social Media: Instagram

Country Life Bath and Body 268

Vegan and cruelty free, handmade bath and body products. Designed with sensitive skin in mind, products range from whipped soaps, body scrubs and body oils.

Contact Info: countrylifebathandbody@gmail.com
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

Beard Gang 268

Something for the men. Check out Beard Gang 268 for all your beard needs. They are also the regional rep for Uncle Jimmy products.

Contact Info: 783-8883
Social Media: Instagram


Kotton Xpress

Silk scarfs and reversible bonnets, the perfect gift for your naturalista friend.

Contact Info: 268-732-7781
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

Regal Beauty

Aims to provide women with the highest quality of human hair, custom wig units and hair maintenance services. Christmas hair sale coming soon!

Contact Info: regalbeautyanu@gmail.com
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

Affordable Bundles Anu

Hair extensions service

Contact Info: 268-775-7259
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

Infinity Hair Beauty

Specializes in Lace Frontal Wigs, Lace Closure Wigs, U-Part Wigs, Ponytail Extensions & Wig Installs.

Contact Info: 268-726-7695
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

L-R: Kotton Xpress, Infinity Hair Beauty


This section comprises of all the items that can be used as small gifts. They can be packaged in a gift basket or used on their own. If you’re doing a Secret Santa gift exchange with friends, family or your coworkers, this is a good place to start.

Accents by Shush

Local crafter offering personalized products and services, our goal is simply to bring your vision to life.

Contact Info: 268-726-7695
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

Room Decor by Ro

Entirely hand painted Wall Decor/Canvas Art

Contact Info: 268-770-5659
Social Media: Instagram

Surprise in a Box

Surprises for any and every occasion.

Contact Info: 268-771-8562
Social Media: Instagram

L-R: Accents by Shush, NDF Bath & Body, Room Decor by Ro, Surprise in a Box

NDF Bath & Body

Handcrafted Bath & Body Products

Contact Info: 268-720-6289
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

Kali Krochet

Crochet swimwear

Social Media: Instagram

Seaside Tingz

One-stop shop for all your must have beach essentials and gears.

Contact Info: 268-
Social Media: Instagram

Flawless Beaute Factory

Know someone interested in makeup? This is the perfect opportunity to give them a gift card for a one-on-one course to learn all that they need to know. They also offer group classes and advanced classes.

Contact Info: info.flawlessbeautefactory@gmail.com 
Social Media: Instagram


My favourite category! I’ve been debating for weeks and what treats I’d like to try, but here a list of options to cover ALL your needs. Reminder: be sure to place your orders EARLY. Some of them already advertised their special Christmas offerings.

Chocolate Corner 268

We specialise in decadent chocolate treats. No such thing as too much chocolate!

Contact Info: 268-774-6023
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

The Flaky Crust 268

Freshly made pies and pastries using the best local ingredients.

Contact Info: 268-732-1308
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

Oh! Sweet Box

Custom cookies, cakesicles and chocolate Oreos.

Contact Info: 268-779-2433
Social Media: Instagram

Sweet Jayds 

Cheesecake and pastries.

Contact Info: 268-770-6975
Social Media: Instagram

The Vanilla Orchid

Something for everyone to enjoy! From sweet to savory, from healthy to decadent. We offer cakes, desserts, pastries and cater to dietary restrictions or allergies.

Contact Info: 268-720-7903
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

The KenDen

Custom cakes and more.

Contact Info: 268-778-4581
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

Little Rock Confections

Christmas menu: traditional black cake, rum sponge cake, cheesecake, an assortment of pies and tarts AND poche creme (I might give this a try)!

Contact Info: 268-732-0346
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

Guilty Consumption

Happiness within every bite! Unique and quality desserts.

Contact Info: 268-773-5210 | guiltyconsumptionsag@gmail.com
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

The Copper Krate Cookie Jar

Custom designed cookies for all occasions!

Contact Info: 268-728-8030
Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

L-R: Sweet Jayds, The Vanilla Orchid, The Copper Krate Cookie Jar, Guilty Consumption

There you have it! A full list of small business in Antigua that you can support this season and beyond. If you know of a small business that’s not on the list, please leave it in the comments.
Don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

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