The Content Creation Process – From Concept to Content

HEY FRIENDS! It’s been awhile since I discussed anything blog related, but I’m finally delivering on content I promised. The world may be in limbo at the moment, but one thing this situation has provided me with is additional time to do one of the things I love. Yes, I’m talking about CONTENT CREATION. I’ve … Continue reading The Content Creation Process – From Concept to Content

How To Guide: 4 Awesome Graphics to Create Using CANVA

Hey Guys! My interest in graphic designing continued to grow from high school to current times due to the knowledge of a free online program. Not sure how I came across CANVA but I got to thank the graphic design gods everyday. To get the most out of canva all you have to do is view … Continue reading How To Guide: 4 Awesome Graphics to Create Using CANVA

It’s More Than JUST Blogging

Hey Guys! Happy Sunday, hope everyone enjoyed their day and ready to tackle a new week. As bloggers, like any other entrepreneurs we always have busy weekends, especially if we're blogging while working a full-time job or attending school. While blogging may feel like our "calling" I feel like there's some misconception when this is … Continue reading It’s More Than JUST Blogging

2018: Unapologetic + Unstoppable

Hey everyone! Happy Monday and an oh so Happy New Year! We made it! It's 2018 and I have a mighty good feeling about this one. 2017 wasn't all that terrible nor was it great; just like any other year it had its ups and downs or more downs than ups. Nonetheless, I remain hopeful … Continue reading 2018: Unapologetic + Unstoppable

Sunshine Blogger Award

*Round of applause* Major shout-outs to Tanya over at all about the scrub life for nominating me for this award! I really appreciate it. These awards are like a get to know more about the blogger type post as well as sharing other blogs amongst your network. Well at least to me. Tanya and I … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

What I Learned After 3 Years of Blogging

Hey Guys, Before we get into today's post here are a few facts: I've been blogging on and off for about three years now *whoa*. I've had about three name changes finally sticking with ATBA. When I first decided to start blogging I had no idea what I was doing. I wish I could I … Continue reading What I Learned After 3 Years of Blogging

I got the Liebster Award

*Clears throat* Guess what guys, I recently got nominated for the Liebster Award! Woohoo. Sad to say this isn't my first time being nominated; however, when I first received the nomination I was unsure what to do, and was simply to lazy to pay it any mind. But, here it is once again and I'm … Continue reading I got the Liebster Award