15+ Apps You Need In Your Content Creation Process

You asked and I finally got around to answering. How did you do that? What app did you use? How are you so consistent? These are some of the many questions I’ve been asked throughout my content creation journey. Instead of answering individuals on a one off basis, I’m finally creating a guide/resource which lists all the apps I use in one place. I love finding new apps which make my work easier but I hate having to create profiles on all these platforms. However, you don’t NEED all these apps in your content creation process but they do indeed help you out in some shape or form. From photo and video editing, to content management and much more, check out the applications I use below. P.S. I use an iPhone, so my experience is based on how these apps operate on iOS which may be different on an Android.



1/ Lightroom

There are lots of photo editing apps available and I’ve heard people say that Lightroom is difficult to learn, however, after trying out a few, this is the one that works the best for me. I’ve also created a few presets (filters) which makes it easier to edit photos. Check out the Discover tab to save presets from other creators.

Available on Android and iOS

2/ PicsArt

The app has built in templates and tutorials for achieving certain edits featured on their home page. You can add photo effects such as canvas, sketch etc and also play around with different elements. It has a lot of options that can make your photo standout. I currently use the free version and haven’t been through all the features offered.

Available on Android and iOS
Free or PicsArt Gold:
US $29.99/year or $4.99/month.

3/ Prequel

Another app I use to add effects and it can also be used with videos. These are more aesthetically pleasing than PicsArt. The free version works perfectly fine for me and has lots of effects to choose from along with a wide range of adjustment tools. Edited using prequel.

Available on Android and iOS
Free or Prequel Gold:
US $4.99/week

4/ Facetune

This app is handy for smoothing out my skin, whitening the whites in a photo, blurring the background, and detailing particular items in a photo.

Available on Android and iOS

5/ Photogrid

Used for creating photo collages and resizing pictures.

Available on Android and iOS


6/ InShot

Easy for editing short videos for TikTok and IG reels, but can also be used to edit videos for any platform. Latest reel edited using InShot.

Available on Android and iOS
Free or PRO Account:
$34.99 one time purchase

7/ Kinemaster

When I first started YouTube, I used Kinemaster to edit videos on my phone. I made the investment into the premium user which allowed me to do more with my video editing. However, I’ve since stopped using Kinemaster and now edit videos on my laptop using iMovie.

Available on Android and iOS
Free or Premium User:
US $22.99/year

8/ iMovie

This is what I primarily use to edit my Youtube videos. It is limited for the ideas I would love to create, however, I use some of the other apps listed to enhance my video editing. It is a longer process but iMovie does have all the starting basics and I use YouTube to find ways to make my editing on the platform easier.

Available on iOS


9/ Mojo

Recommended to me a few days ago, I’m testing out this app to create animated IG stories to advertise my blog and YouTube posts.

Available on Android and iOS
Free or Mojo Pro:
US $ 39.99/year

10/ Swipemix

Another new app I tested out a week or so ago which creates a seamless IG carousel post. I like the layout of the post however I didn’t find the app as user-friendly as I’d like. I’ll be testing it out a few more times before searching for an alternative or completely removing it. You can also purchase standalone templates from US $1.99 if you don’t want to commit to the yearly fee.

Available on iOS
Free or Swipemix Pro:
US $19.99/year, $2.99/month

11/ Preview

Currently using the free version to plan my Instagram feed.

Available on Android and iOS
Free or Pro account:
US $79.99/year, $7.99/month | Premium Account US $149.99/year, $14.99/month


12/ TubeBuddy

Got this for the live subscriber count then realized I could actually do way more on it. It helps with optimizing my YouTube videos, ensuring I use cards, tags etc and highlights new video views and other stats. It also encourages me with the different milestone awards it has.

Available on Android and iOS
Free or Mobile Unlimited
: US $2.99/month

13/ YT Studio

The official YouTube studio app, makes it easier and faster to manage my channel on the go. I can respond to comments from the app as well as edit video details.

Available on Android and iOS


14/ WordPress

The blogging platform I use to create content on As Told by Ali. I use the WordPress app to view stats, respond to comments and view posts on the go. WordPress has a wide selection of themes that you can easily customize to fit your aesthetic. The editor allows you to add photos, videos, audio to posts along with embedding links and automated sharing to your social media sites.

Available on Android and iOS
, however WordPress has different plans available for blogs or business sites

15/ Mailchimp

It’s an all-in-one marketing platform, however my main use was for email marketing to attract new audiences to my various platforms. To be honest, I haven’t been using it much but back then I strived to create a monthly newsletter. It’s harder than you’d think or I just haven’t found a way to be consistent with it.

Available on Android and iOS

16/ Notes

Note-taking app which came on my phone used to jot down ideas and create checklists when on the go. Recently learnt I can also scan documents with this app.

Available on iOS

17/ Google Docs

We should already know how this one works. I use this to draft my blog posts after one unfortunate event with WordPress where while drafting an article, the page refreshed and the post was completely blank. I’ve since opted for Google Docs for its seamless, auto-saving feature.

Available on Android and iOS

18/ Trello

A project management app used to help me map out my content ideas. On Trello, you can create different boards with various lists and cards. Within each card, you can add a description, checklist, attachment, due date and other information you need to ensure the task gets completed. I use it for Instagram posts, blog posts and Youtube videos. I liked getting detailed with my shot list or items needed for props when planning Instagram photos.

Available on Android and iOS


19/ Canva

Leave the best for last? Canva is my go-to for ALL things graphics. I first started using Canva to create flyers and as it relates to my content I make everything from blog graphics, Youtube thumbnails and Instagram posts. Canva comes with templates for various social platforms and lots of additions you can add to your design.

Available on Android and iOS
Free or Pro Account
: US $9.99/month

That’s all for now! As I come across additional apps, I will seek to update this list. If there’s any app I mentioned that you’d like further information on, comment down below and let me know!

Until Next Time,

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