I Started Youtube?! – 3 Challenges I Faced


Did you get a shocker with the title of this post? 👀 Yes, you read right I JOINED YOUTUBE and my first video has been released *scroll to the bottom if you’re eager to get to it*. In today’s blog post we’ll be speaking a bit about my youtube journey thus far and the lessons I learnt (yes, even after one video). This is also my second post for the week so round of applause for deciding to join this consistency challenge at the last minute. Last minute things are usually stressful for me, but I realised just how much content I could have been sharing right here on my blog.

It’s often stressed in the influencer world that out of all the platforms we use, our blog is OUR OWN. Unlike Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok etc. that could crash and disappear or have different guidelines for you to follow, you can create what you want on your own site. Therefore it’s time to maximize the use of this baby and put out the content I actually want to without feeling pressured to stick to a niche. Now, back to my Youtube journey or rather the process of getting here.

My First Youtube Video

In the back of my mind, I always wanted to have a Youtube channel and it was also something I got questions about since I started sharing content on Instagram. To ease out of my comfort zone I started doing videos on IGTV and since then I’ve learned quiet a few things about recording and what not. However, I was still skeptical about joining an entirely new platform.

I made the first step towards Youtube by creating a channel (obviously) and setting up my channel art, icon and about section. It was the basic minimum but a start for me. The major moment came when I actually told people about it. I decided to announce my channel by making a video to mimic how my Youtube intro would sound (see video above). I received a lot of encouragement and felt positive going forward; the next step was to actually film and upload a video.

Before I did any of the things above I began thinking about what my first video would be, this also caused added pressure which I’ll share more about below. I searched Youtube to get an idea of what others did, and the most popular option was a Youtube tag or introductory video. I wasn’t particularly ready to do either; so other options I saw were people getting right to the point and posting content. I decided to take this route especially since I recently received a few new products and one of the main categories on my page is NATURAL HAIR.

Click to watch video!

My channel will focus on Natural Hair and Lifestyle content. Natural hair content can be anything from product reviews, product hauls and hairstyle tutorials while lifestyle is anything I choose to share about my life *lol*. As you know, I’m living in Antigua, so there will be island content and even an expansion of my Discover Antigua blog series. I haven’t sorted out all the details yet, but be sure to subscribe and stay tuned to all my socials for when I drop the details.


*Did I really get over them?


The very first thing I had to get over was my fear which is probably the underlying factor in all of the other reasons.

Starting something new can be hard to do. As I mentioned before, I always had the idea in my head but that’s all it was. Some times I’d play with the idea of starting like making a list of things I’d need or find some other way to procrastinate. Dreaming about the end result is one thing but, actually starting the process AND doing the work is another. It took me a few years to figure out this blogging stuff and to actually be consistent with it. Hopefully, the Youtube process is quicker, but the point of the matter is you don’t go into anything new being an expert so don’t expect that. If you stay focused on your fear you’d never leave your comfort zone and do anything challenging or new. Therefore I took the plunge and just did it. Even when I wasn’t happy with the first video, because I knew it was a start and it’ll eventually get better.

2/ Focusing on what I didn’t have

Another big reason why I probably haven’t gotten to the point I see myself at. I’ll push back starting new ideas because I’m always worried about things I don’t have. My initial thought was “how can I start youtube and I don’t have a camera to film with?” Umm, they’re so many people out here using their phones. Second thought was the fact that I don’t have a ring light nor do I have any backdrops. However, I later learned and accepted the fact that I don’t need all those stuff (at least not in the beginning) to start a channel. Also, there was the clear fact that I can learn to use the things I do already have – natural light, a space I can manipulate for filming and a perfectly working mobile device with a variety of apps. Some times we get so focused on one thing that we forget or give up on finding alternatives. If you really wanted to do something you would find a way, right?

3/ Pressure to perform

The idea of the first video added extra pressure to me because I wanted everything to be “perfect”. I felt like the first video would set the tone or in another way “make or break me” in terms of my Youtube presence. I didn’t want to feel like I was putting on a show, but I also didn’t want it to not be up to par. Another thing I notice with Youtubers is they all state when they will be releasing videos. I didn’t want to make a statement on this and then it fell through. Even though I had a list of ideas for videos, there’s still the editing process and other tasks outside of Youtube which need my attention. The name of the game is consistency and hopefully I don’t put too much pressure on myself in managing these platforms.

Overall, these are a few of the main challenges I wanted to talk about and basically give an introduction to my new venture. Hope you guys check out my video and if you have any feedback, let me know. I already made a promise to myself to film this weekend, so look out for a new video next week! Thanks for sticking around and I’ll also be posting on my blog more regularly this month.

Talk soon,

6 responses to “I Started Youtube?! – 3 Challenges I Faced”

  1. All 3 reasons resonated heavily with me. I thought about all of these things too for so many years. But in this season of my life, I’m challenging myself to do things scared until the courage catches up. Wishing you all the best with your channel!

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