How To Guide: 4 Awesome Graphics to Create Using CANVA

Hey Guys!

My interest in graphic designing continued to grow from high school to current times due to the knowledge of a free online program. Not sure how I came across CANVA but I got to thank the graphic design gods everyday. To get the most out of canva all you have to do is view the templates provided. I use this program for a wide variety of products, such as flyers, social media images, logos, and printables. Keep reading if your interested in getting the most out of canva and creating quality graphic design images for free.

canvas tips

To use canva, you can either create a profile or login using your facebook or google accounts. After signing in, the next page you’re greeted with is the “create a design” page. Here is where you have your option to get the most out of this free application; there are various designs under different headings such as events, blogging, documents, social media etc. One of my very first uses of canva were to create social media images.

1/ Social Media Images

One of the best things about canva is that they have all the dimensions set for each social media application, from twitter to instagram and even pinterest. There’s also the option of creating your own custom dimensions.


While you’re using your various social media sites, some times text simply gets boring and you want to showcase more. These images can also be integrated into your blog posts.

Examples of Designs:

a. Quotes – To display a popular quote from your post why not use an image that can be shared on social media? Simply make your text stand out with a subtle background.

b. Collage with description – to have an insight on what is included in the post or for advertising purposes

c. Pinterest images – currently my most famous. I’ve read a bunch of articles on the advantages of Pinterest with getting views on your blog; one of the common suggestions were a Pinterest blog graphic. I’ve had a lot of back and forth settling on a template which reflects by blog, but. I think I finally found one.

may goals


Use a bold text for the post title to stand out
Decrease the transparency of your background image to help the text shine through
Display website url/social media handles
Optional: include a summary of the post but not too much, a snippet

2/ Flyers

Even within the general flyer template there are other templates that can help you visualize the way in which you want your flyer to look. You can add free images and illustrations, change the text and/or colors. The design in any of their templates are completely up to you.

rotaract club of antigua

3/ Logos

One of my favorites to create. I like the simplicity of logos and appreciate putting things together on canva. It’s much easier than using Photoshop/illustrator especially if you can’t afford these programs. From the images below one is from a template and the other consists of images and text I put together.


4/ Printables & Infographics

Last but not least, some of the most informative graphics you can create using canva. Printables can be used to engage with your audience on topics that matter to both of you; whereas infographics are used to share information on a certain topic quickly and clearly. Just like any other graphic design they have to be visually pleasing to attract viewers. Tip: Keep them simple and to the point!

The Happy WaveProject         Invasive Alien Species

The thing about creating graphics is you just got to play around with items until you find what works best. Choosing colors is the most difficult for me, luckily you can play around with the color wheel and slider to a shade you prefer. There’s also text alignment, size and spacing can be a real terror sometimes.

Have you ever created any of the above images?
What program do you use?

- Aaliyah

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  1. Canva is the truth!! I swear by it. Once you play around with it the possibilities are endless and it’s easier to teach yourself than other design suites.

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