Good Vibes From August

Hey Guys!

Before we begin ‘September to remember,’ let’s do a quick recap of August! The months have been flying by rather quickly and 2018 is almost over. August was filled with lots of work activities and minor blog posts; after my successful reach of 1.4K views in April and May I kind of hit a stumbling block. It’s been hard to physically get into the mood to write as well as create topics worthy of sharing. Nonetheless, I’m here still.


As you may or may not know, August began just in the heat of Antigua’s carnival celebrations. I went to a few parties which led up to me playing mas on the first Monday and Tuesday of the month. To see a review on how that weekend went, check out my Carnival Vibes post. Carnival was definitely the best highlight of the month.


First eat out of the month was at one of my favorite places, Bay House Restaurant & Bar for brunch. I spoke a little about this in my Brunchin’ Bunch post. Followed by dinner at Trappas, another fave which is located in English Harbour. Sadly, I’ve never taken pictures when I go here or ever reviewed it, but it’s good! Lastly, I went to the Sugar Club for dinner in celebration of my dad’s birthday and a review will be coming soon. (This is me trying to catch up on posts).


No cooking worth mentioning took place, but I also tried this village styled restaurant one weekend, known as Tucker’s on the Grill. I really wanted seafood pasta, however by the time I was ready to order they were sold out so I stuck with chicken. It was pretty good and the portion size was definitely worth it.




In July I bought a few new products I’ve been dying to try. Expect reviews soon on some of these products pictured above. My hair is still struggling to retain moisture on most days, but when I happen to get a good hair day or two it’s BOMB. It’s almost a year later since I got heat damage and I’m still trimming off straight ends. This month is definitely calling for a protective style!


Two of the things I did for August that can be classified as “Fun” involved the beach. The first was a night stay at Jolly Beach Resort and the other was a picnic at Pigeon Point beach. You may have recalled that my last staycation was at the Verandah resort, so we tried something different this time around. Jolly Beach is on the southern end of the island, and also not as fancy like Verandah but still a nice time. As for the picnic I went to, Pigeon Point beach located in English Harbor; it wasn’t my very first time but a first in a long while.


Life in Your 20s: Do People Still Date?


This highlight post was really just me updating y’all on what to look out for in the coming days/weeks!

What were some of your highlights for August?
Let me know in the comments below!

- Aaliyah

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