September Roundup + October Goals

Hey Guys!

The months have been flying by so quickly that I haven’t been able to keep up with these monthly highlights/goals posts. Anyway, I decided to join these two posts together and get rid of the “Currently” I am section. Hopefully this would make it easier and I’d be able to remain consistent. Take a look back at my August highlights as well as my goals for September to get an idea.

Now, a recap of September before I get into my goals for this month. I had a major improvement last month compared to August with eleven (11) new posts published. September was filled with work related activities (as usual), a lot of Rotaract stuff and even a bit of traveling.



Favorite Moment

The best thing that happened to me in September was the opportunity to travel. Regardless of the purpose or the hiccups that occurred along the way, traveling will always be one of my favorite things. If you haven’t already, check out my posts to get details on where I went, what happened and to view photos.

ATBA Travels |Asuncion, Paraguay
Photo Diary: Bienvenido a Paraguay!
Review | Danieri Hotel – Asunción, Paraguay

Asunción Tourist Sign


Last month I went to a couple of places to include Papas by the Sea, Garden Grill, GEOS and Krazy Konez. The first, Papas by the Sea, was for a work social. My unit tries to do them ever so often, just to bond and what not. The first time we did it, we went to an outdoorsy pizza place and this time it was a bit more “formal” (in terms of menu items). The restaurant is literally on the beach, so it was outdoorsy as well. I decided to have ribs, which were fairly better than the disappointment at Sugar Ridge.


My trip to Garden Grill was simply a spontaneous Saturday afternoon lunch date with my sister. We went for their famous burgers and also got to take a couple shots in the area. The following Sunday we went to Krazy Konez for dessert. It’s an ice-cream/bubble waffle joint which I found out about on Instagram. After trying it for myself, I’d say it’s good but not sure how often I’d have it. They were only about US $4 each.

Lastly GEOS. We wanted something different to eat on a Friday afternoon and decided to try this spot out for the first time. I had the Pulled Pork Burger while my sister had the Crispy Chicken Burger. They were fairly delicious.



I got a protective style which lasted for most of September. I’ll be talking about that more in a separate post, as well as giving a hair update.

I listened to…

The Carters (Beyonce & Jay Z ) – Ape Sh*t. Then I ended up listening to A LOT of Beyonce. Went way back to her first couple albums, mainly Dangerously in Love (2003). I also listened to some R&B music from the 2000s.


The month started off with an activity I’ve always wanted to participate in, Sip n’ Paint. It was a night of sipping and painting, compliments Let’s Paint Antigua in partnership with Rotaract Antigua. Check out my linked post to see how that went and a surprise that happened after.

Another “fun” activity of the month was finally using some skin care products I bought in the summer. It was a Sunday self care session with Tree Hut products. I got a sugar scrub and body lotion which left my skin feeling amazing; I’d probably use the scrub once a week.


Wash Day + TwistOuts ft. New Hair Products

Wash day-2



  • Redo vision board, a physical one and not digitally
  • Start the gym
  • Open an account at a Credit Union
  • Identify and contact next person for a feature
  • Use my planner daily


  • Read one new book
  • Upload a video on IGTV
  • Publish posts weekly
  • Write a post for an external blog/magazine
  • Write a blog pitch


What were some of your highlights from September?
What about goals for this month?
Let me know in the comments below!


- Aaliyah

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  1. Great way to reflect on your month. September looked like so much fun all the best with your October goals I looking forward to hearing how they went

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