Life in Your 20s: Do People Still Date?

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As you see I have quite a few new categories going on, (Friendships, Life in Your 20s, Currently I Am: Goals & Mantra of the Month etc.) and I’m happy that the focus of my blog is finally highlighting topics I really care about. Today’s topic is dating, do people still do that anymore? I recently thought of this topic due to a twitter discussion I observed a few days ago. (P.S this post has been in my drafts for a while.)

I’m not sure how the discussion started, but the main point was that a gentleman has to spend money on a young lady first before she can become his girlfriend. A lot of the guys involved in the “discussion” were of the view that this was nonsense (wish I saved the tweets to show). To most of them unless they were related to a girl, already in a relationship or having sexual relations they weren’t going to be spending any money on her. So how did  you get into a relationship then? Or perhaps you’re still single, how do you see it happening?

To me, you date first (which involves money) and then enter into a relationship, but this generation has this whole idea of $200 dates. If he’s not spending a large amount of money on you then he’s not worth it?? The men also feel like after spending a lot of money on a date, they’re entitled to “something else”. Huh?!?! The whole idea of dating these days is super weird.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 1.31.54 PMMy mood really.

The idea of a date is getting to know someone on a personal level, there’s only so much you can talk about over dinner. Explore different places, try new activities together to get a feel of how the person is overall. What they like from what they dislike. It could be said in conversation but we all know how quickly things can change.

Dinners aren’t the only type of date; try doing some sort of fun activity (bowling, go karting, zip lining), go to the beach, hiking, a bar (if it’s not too noisy) or even for ice-cream. Be thoughtful and spontaneous, fancy dates aren’t mandatory. Don’t feel like you have to empty the bank to impress someone, and if you feel that way maybe they aren’t for you.

I highly believe that people today are too entitled and also very crazy over material possessions. For me it’s mainly about experiencing different things together and creating memories.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 1.37.07 PM

What are your thoughts on the whole dating issue in this generation? This topic comes up at least once a month on twitter.


- Aaliyah





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