Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs

I’ve been M.I.A. for quite a while, but now I’m back with a new recipe. Lately, I’ve been feeling uninspired with everything, and plain old tired from eating the same foods constantly. So I usually just stay in bed debating what to eat until of course hunger gets the best of me. To my advantage ground beef was already defrosted, so I decided to go with that. However, I didn’t want the regular old meat sauce, so I decided to make meatballs considering I haven’t done them in a while.

– Ground Beef
– Breadcrumbs
– Mozzarella Cheese
– Sweet Peppers (Green, Yellow, Red) *I Love Color*
– Garlic
– Onion
– Seasoning (Salt, Black Pepper, etc)

For the Sauce:
– Tomato Sauce
– Half & Half
– Basil, Oregano, and all that good stuff.

In this recipe I didn’t use eggs to hold the meatballs together, because I was all out. So I hoped the cheese and the breadcrumbs did the trick, which it did! Basically I mixed all the above ingredients together then formed them into little balls, and fried them. Then I drained them on a napkin, and proceeded to make the sauce. Now, I must say; in creating the sauce I kept adding random stuff until it tasted just right, and of course I can’t remember all the things I added. Sorry! Overall the meal came out pretty good, and my roommates loved it *or at least so they said*.


Totally unrelated to these meatballs, but my roommate has this kitchen appliance that I’m totally in love with. It basically blends all the seasonings (onion, peppers etc) into finer pieces, which totally cuts back time spent on chopping and dicing. So, you know anything that helps limit time spent doing something is a win in my books, I guess you could also just use a blender, but this is just smaller, and more efficient.

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