3 Foolproof Ways to Keep a Positive Mindset & Improve Your Life

Hey guys A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a talk on “Creating a Positive Mindset to Change the Outcome of your Life“. It was rather inspiring and also reinforced messages I learnt about previously. However, it’s not always easy to remain positive and sometimes life just happens. Nonetheless, I’m here to share with you what I learnt and hopefully inspire you … Continue reading 3 Foolproof Ways to Keep a Positive Mindset & Improve Your Life

Feature: Life in the Skies with Shanice

Welcome back to my Feature of the Month series! At the end of each month I will introduce you to individuals who inspire me (based on their social media platforms/if i know them personally). I decided to not only feature “creatives” but also people in professions in which I’m genuinely interested in (not to switch careers, but to learn more about). For this month’s feature … Continue reading Feature: Life in the Skies with Shanice

Motivation Monday | When is the Right Time?

Hey Guys!! As usual the days are flying by, and before you know it we will be entering another year. It honestly feels like so much has happened and frightening to know that more is still to come. Time is a funny subject.  It always has been and always will be. We figure “Everything takes time” and also remind others that “Time waits on no man.” It really … Continue reading Motivation Monday | When is the Right Time?

September Goals + Mantra of the Month

THE STATS Date/Time: Sept 5th, 3:26 p.m. Feeling: Drained Listening To: Beyoncé – Dangerously in Love album Reading: You are a Badass…..Jen Sincero Should be Doing: Work Missing: Him Wishing: I didn’t have to be at work Thinking: About my next protective style Anticipating: My birthday next month GOALS [Last time I did this post – June] Open an account at a Credit Union Identify … Continue reading September Goals + Mantra of the Month

Currently I Am | May Goals + Mantra of the Month

THE STATS Time: 9:54 a.m. Feeling: Hopeful Listening To: Soca music, Touchdown Jamaica 2018 – Dj Puffy Reading: Bad Feminist – Roxanne Gay Should be Doing: Work reports *bleh* Missing: Going to the gym Wishing: I could stop procrastinating so much Thinking: About my plans for the month Anticipating: My vacation! Loving: The fact that it’s soon SUMMER GOALS [Last Month] Complete my immediate tasks for Rotaract Write in my journal, my current … Continue reading Currently I Am | May Goals + Mantra of the Month

Feature: Motivational Talks with Joel Manning

Reading Time: 10 -12 minutes. Grab a snack and prepare to be inspired. I – Interviewer (me), J – Joel I: I recently met Joel at a Rotaract social where I had fun beating him at dominos, but something about him peaked my interest. Thanks to social media I figured out what it was; turns out Mr. Manning also loves inspiring others. It clicked right away … Continue reading Feature: Motivational Talks with Joel Manning

Still Growing. Still Changing. Still Learning

We’re not kids forever. Whether you like it or not we are adults and things are going to be different. As you grow into a young adult you realize what it is you really like and dislike, you start thinking about your purpose in life and so much more. As we try different things to find our place in this world we’re continuously growing. As … Continue reading Still Growing. Still Changing. Still Learning

Asking for HELP

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of tasks you have to do? To the point where you are frustrated? Asking for help doesn’t even begin to cross your mind because you don’t want to seem like a burden to others. Therefore, as time goes by you continue to act like nothing is wrong and have pushed this task to the back of your mind. However, simply delaying the task does not get it done nor does it make it any easier to face when time comes.

We may become overburdened for several reasons; maybe our ideas got the best of us without knowing how to execute them, or we simply can’t say no when others ask us to complete a task. By taking on all this responsibility then turning around and asking for help we feel as though we’ve failed, not only the person who was relying on us but also ourselves.

However we’re humans and we don’t know everything; we also can’t do everything. There’s nothing seemingly wrong by reaching out and asking for help; if you need a boost, here’s how you can approach the situation:

quote 1-2 Continue reading “Asking for HELP”

F.E.A.R – A Two Way Street




What are you going to do?

We’re all afraid of something in life, if you’re not….are you even real? We’re afraid of insects, heights, dying, public speaking, etc, but with it all we have a decision as to our behavior/outcome.  We can either face our FEARS head on and conquer our worries or we can ditch it all and run for the nearest exit. It’s our choice. Continue reading “F.E.A.R – A Two Way Street”