F.E.A.R – A Two Way Street




What are you going to do?

We’re all afraid of something in life, if you’re not….are you even real? We’re afraid of insects, heights, dying, public speaking, etc, but with it all we have a decision as to our behavior/outcome.  We can either face our FEARS head on and conquer our worries or we can ditch it all and run for the nearest exit. It’s our choice.


If we choose option one, to face our FEARS and rise we get to learn so much, not only of ourselves but also our surroundings. We become new people with new strengths and a new vision on dealing with life. Can you imagine how awesome it would feel overcoming a fear? I predict you’d feel like you can suddenly overcome any challenge.

Overcoming FEARS is all about changing our perception. Fear is merely a thought, a figment of your imagination and changing your perception of the situation will allow you to assess things differently. Instead of thinking about the immediate danger think about coming out successful; think about rising to the occasion. Before you can change your perception of the situation you also have to change the perception of yourself. You have to believe in yourself first and foremost before you can achieve anything in life.

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Now we get to option two, where we can do the first thing that probably comes to mind. RUN! When our FEARS show their face there’s something in our head which perceives it as danger and we need to retreat. But think about everything that was said before, retreating will only put us at a greater disadvantage. Think about if we never did anything outside our comfort zones because of fear.

I would have never traveled, because I was afraid of flying.

I would have never went to university, because I was afraid of leaving my family.

There are so many other things big or small that I and many others may have never accomplished simply because of FEAR. So of course, I’m here to tell you to continue to push down barriers and rise above your FEARS. It all starts with your perception then ends with YOU.

What street would you be taking?

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- Aaliyah

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