Product Review: Taliah Waajid Green Apple & Aloe Nutrition Curl Elixir

Hey Guys!

I know a lot has been going on these last few days, hope everyone is coping. Social distancing isn’t anything new for me, so I’m doing well. At this point in time I’m hoping there isn’t a wild outbreak here in Antigua. Besides for current news, I’ve been behind on these product reviews so let’s see how I can get back on track! First up is a product I sampled back in December, let’s see if it’s a keeper or not.

Product Description

Taliah Waajid Green Apple & Aloe Nutrition Curl Elixir is a curl and hair styling conditioning Elixir that reduces frizz, strengthens strands while sealing in curl form and shape.  Produces long lasting curls and leaves your hair feeling soft and tangle free. Has awesome & amazing curl memory that works great on all curl textures and patterns.

As with similar curling creams, the curl elixir came in a screw-top 12 oz jar which made it easy to use. I’m all about graphics and designs, so the labelling definitely stood out for me. At first, I was confused about the use of a curl elixir as opposed to a curl definer; I’m not sure I know the difference now, but I went with the elixir.

The Green Apple & Aloe with coconut line is said to be a nutritive hair care regimen which is gentle enough for daily use. Benefits include:

  • Green Apple Nutrients: strengthen and balance pH level for optimal hair and scalp health
  • Aloe Nutrients: repair hair and scalp
  • Coconut Nutrients: moisturise and soften hair

According to the directions, the curl elixir can be used on wet or dry hair for twist-outs, ponytails, roller sets, straw sets and much more. It provides maximum, long-lasting curl life. If you’re particular about certain ingredients, there are NO parabens, mineral oil, alcohol or gluten found in this product.

Product Line

  • Leave-In Conditioner
  • Curl Definer
  • Hold me Down Gelle
  • Shampoo
  • Apple Cider Deep Conditioner
  • Apple Seed Oil

Product Review

I first tried this product as a hair sample I received from Fro Fest 2019. Honestly, I thought the sample size wouldn’t be enough for my hair but I made it work. After seeing and loving the results I decided to purchase the full size product during their Black Friday sale. I got it for USD $6.49 but regular price is USD $ 10.99 and can be purchased on

Of course my first style of choice was a two-strand twist-out which I did prior to going on vacation in December. I used my African Pride Moisture Miracle Leave-In Cream as the base of my LCO (Leave in-Cream-Oil) method. My twists stayed in for four (4) days without being refreshed and as mentioned above, I loved the results. (See photo collage below of my twist-out during the week)

The product is light and creamy with no particular scent which reveals it has in green apple or aloe (not sure what that would be like though, lol). However, it has a mild scent which I find relative to other products I’ve tried from this brand. I still consider the first use the best use which has me questioning if the samples use a different formula. The results after haven’t been bad per se but the definition is simply not the same. On the flip side though, there’s always a preference for definition over volume (and vice versa) on different days. I need to also be mindful of the products I mix it with when styling my hair as that plays a part in the final results.


Honestly, I’m hardly doing any new styles so it’s just perfecting my twist-outs at this point. I was supposed to do a straw set last weekend, so I may probably use the remainder of this product to test it out. Overall I’d say I got about 4-5 uses out of this product, and there’s about a half remaining.

Same twist-out from above, just different days

Almost forgot that I also tried a flat-twist out. Ya’ll I’m not giving up on this style just yet! It’s one of those cases where I like the volume over the definition of the style (as I mentioned above). I somewhat recorded a video of my first attempt here, since then I tried it again to get the results below.

Flat-twist out on type 4 hair


Overall: 3.5/ 5
Quality: 4/ 5
Fragrance:  2.5/ 5
Effectiveness: 4/ 5

Price: $ – $$

Have you ever tried this product before? How did it work for you?
Share your experiences below.

6 responses to “Product Review: Taliah Waajid Green Apple & Aloe Nutrition Curl Elixir”

  1. Hi there! 🤓
    Great review! I’m wondering if you’ve had the chance to try the curl definer from the same line. Just curious. I use the elixir on my husband’s hair when I finger curl his style. I use the elixir first as a moisturizing base and then style with Camille Rose’s Almond Jai twisting butter. We have great success and his curls stay fresh and hydrated for almost two weeks. I was curious if the curl definer was more like the almond butter and could be used on top of the moisturizing elixir. I guess I’ll have to try it and see – just was not looking forward to putting in the time and it not working out 🤣
    Thanks in advance! Hope you’re well.


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