Checked In: Danieri Hotel – Asunción, Paraguay

Hey Guys!

As you may or may not know, I recently went to Paraguay for a work trip and now that I’m back it’s time to share some details. It’s been a while since I travelled, and I’m also now realizing I didn’t post anything about my summer vacation. Nonetheless, here is a review on the hotel I stayed in, for anyone who may choose to visit Asunción.

This choice was a difficult one to make as the other options all had great amenities and looked wonderful. However, what it came down to me was walking distance to the meeting venue. First off I used to arrange my hotel stay, there was also an option for airport pick-up but I opted to get a taxi at the airport.

Danieri Asuncion Hotel



While doing my research I was looking for a hotel not too far from the airport, within walking distance to the meeting venue, and had nearby options for purchasing food.

This hotel is located about 10 – 15 minutes from the airport depending on traffic. It’s in “suburban area”, as there are houses surrounding it but still within walking distance to restaurants. As you leave the hotel and go onto the main road (~2 min walk) there is a supermarket, clothing stores, restaurants, pharmacy and more. The meeting venue, Carmelitas Center was a 5 – 10 minute walk depending on your pace.


There are two shopping malls located about 10 mins away via taxi. They’re loaded with different stores and restaurants. The city center, where you can find the presidential palace, sign of Asunción and local crafts is located about 25 – 40 mins away depending on traffic (Traffic does get really crazy).


The rooms are exactly as pictured on Booking. There was enough closet space, a desk, side table, flat screen tv, air-conditioning, and a mini bar (no price list though).

The room was quite spacious to me, and I even got an extra bed which I used to lay out my stuff.  I had a window view of the area which was great for natural light. There was even a mirror on one side of the room, not sure of the purpose and could get creepy at night *lol*.

The bathroom was a little bit too tiny, with the spacing of the shower and toilet. However, the shower was bomb! There was also hot water available. I’d get my own shower gel as the ones available are extra tiny.

Other Hotel Amenities

The hotel offers breakfast from 7:00 9:00 a.m. It’s a buffet option of cereal, fruits, pastries, toast and the option of having eggs prepared for you. There’s also coffee, juice, or tea. Nothing particularly special or enticing, I basically ate the same thing for my entire stay.

  • There is Free wi-fi available from anywhere in the hotel
  • An airport shuttle or rent-a-car can be arranged (extra cost)
  • The receptionists were very helpful despite the language barrier
  • There’s a little outdoor space to relax
  • Daily housekeeping
  • 24 hour front desk
  • Online it says they do currency exchange, but this wasn’t the case


I stayed for five nights and paid a little over US $300 inclusive of tax. The other hotels I looked at were around the same price (maybe a little higher), but I generally didn’t find anywhere going over $400 for five nights. It was about US $10 to get to the airport using the yellow taxi service, getting from the airport it was US $20 (guess I got scammed, because it wasn’t a yellow taxi). One of our taxi drivers also told us we came to cheapest city so I guess that’s why. N.B $1 (USD) United States Dollars = $5885.35 (PYG) Paraguayan Guarani.

Overall Review

Overall, it was a good stay for the time being. The beds were extremely comfortable and I enjoyed my time in the A/C as opposed to the tropical climate I’m back in. Everyone was nice and friendly, even the other guests. In Caribbean culture it’s customary to say Good Morning when entering a room, you won’t find it in the USA but they did it in Paraguay (at least where I was).

That’s all for now!
If you ever find yourself here, hope you enjoy your stay.

- Aaliyah

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