In my Kitchen // Twice-Baked Potato

Hey Guys!!

Hope all is well. Since I’ve been home quite a bit due to my sick leave, I’ve had more time to be in the kitchen *also since my mom is away*. This week we wanted to try something different from our usual spread, so we remembered something my mom used to do in the past.Β TWICE BAKED POTATO ~ it’s easy and fun to make, because you can add all the things you’d want on a regular Baked/Loaded Potato.

Here we go:

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3 Hours in South Florida (Wynwood Walls & Lunch at Kyu)

WYNWOOD WALLS The one time I decide to go out with some not so close people, and well it was a FAIL. Okay, maybe it wasn’t so bad, but just not what I expected. [They’re hardly to blame] If you read my previous posts you would have known by now that I recently (almost 2 months now, lol) moved to Miami. I also mentioned that I’m … Continue reading 3 Hours in South Florida (Wynwood Walls & Lunch at Kyu)