Birthdays, Bubbly & Brunch ft Nomad Antigua

Nomad Antigua brunch

Hi Friends!

Welcome back to another restaurant review. Recently, I made a list of Top Brunch spots in Antigua and now I’m on a mission to visit all of them! For the last two weekends, I had the opportunity to visit Nomad Antigua for their Sunday Brunch & Cocktails. The first occasion was for a mini catch-up with some friends from high school and the second was for my girl Ashley’s birthday. Both of them had their own experiences and I’ll share a bit of both but more so from my last visit.

Nomad Antigua


First off, Nomad is now located on Marble Hill Road behind Xtreme Gym (where Touloulou used to be). The restaurant is more open and I’m in love with the decor plus the welcoming atmosphere. Their music selection was also soothing, nothing too overpowering that you can’t have a nice conversation at your table. Given COVID procedures, there was a faucet at the entrance for you to wash your hands upon entering.


A pretty comprehensive menu with various options such as egg Cocotte, Benedict, eggs freestyle & sides, sweets & pastries, burgers, bagels & tacos, The Antiguan and Nomad classics. What I liked about the menu is that it describes each section listed above as well as the main ingredients in each meal. For example, an egg cocotte is soft eggs baked in a ramekin with other items served with toasted bread. I had no idea what that was before and of course you had your options for that specific meal. There was also a menu available for tapas and pastas.

The first weekend, I was in a breakfast mood so I had an omelet with mushrooms, onions and peppers with blueberry pancakes. The egg was fantastic, however the pancakes had a little too many blueberries. As for the following week, due to the time we were all seated, I opted out of the breakfast type food and went for the Chunky Lobster Taco served with small fries. I’m usually a soft taco girl but this wasn’t bad, I just wished there was some type of sauce on the taco itself. The lobster was also cooked to perfection! There was also an option between a single or double taco; I went for the single.

Passion Fruit Mimosa, Nomad Antigua


Overall the brunch vibes were good, we ate, drank and played catch-up on each other’s lives. Interestingly enough, majority of us had natural hair so we decided to share our stories about why we went natural and why we wouldn’t. Of course there were lots of pictures to follow after and we also got a small treat from the birthday girl *see below*. These cookies were the cutest addition to brunch and tasted great.


Not sure if it was the fact that I had on so much clothes or global warming, but it was SUPER HOT on that day. Due to us complaining, the waiter brought us paper/straw fans to use. It was a good alternative at the time, but they should probably think of something else in the long run. Given that we were a big group the food did take awhile to get to the table even though the restaurant wasn’t packed, so that was a bit frustrating. Outside of those two concerns and including my previous visit the overall service wasn’t bad and the staff were really accommodating.


Food: 4/ 5
Drinks: 3/ 5
Service: 3/ 5
Venue: 3.5 / 5

Price: $$ – $$$

1 – Awful (Would not return)
2 – Okayish (Only if there is no other option)
3 – Satisfied
4 – Good (Would return / Nicely setup)
5 – Awesome (One of my favorites)

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