Product Talk: Eden BodyWorks Papaya Castor Scalp Massaging Serum


Tell me how I said I’d be blogging weekly and my last post was an ENTIRE month ago? *whew chile* It’s been tough and I’ve been second-guessing myself a lot. Anyway, if you follow me on social media, last month I attempted to do one of Mattie challenges which was to post on Instagram everyday for the month of May. It wasn’t stressful at first because I had content planned, but overtime I fell off and it din’t feel right forcing myself to post. However, coming out of that challenge I’ve found what works for me and how to be consistent on my own terms when it comes to Instagram. You’re probably wondering what this introduction has to do with my blog post today *lol*. Well, Mattie has started another challenge for July focused on blogging everyday during the week (Monday to Friday). Therefore, I’m using this as a push to resurrect my blog and publish more content.

More content also means more natural hair discussions as I try to navigate my natural hair journey. I tried not to classify myself as a product junkie, but to be honest it’s seeming that way as the days go by *especially from being in quarantine*. My latest stash of products came from Eden BodyWorks, a BLACK-OWNED brand and one I fell in love with during my natural hair journey. Today I’m only focusing on one product from the stash, but the others are highlighted below in a Wash Day IGTV and will eventually get their own designated blog.


I purchased these products since April and received a discount using my girl’s code (TROPICURLIE). However, also note that Eden BodyWorks is always having a sale whether it’s on the entire stock or select products. I’m subscribed to their newsletter so I’m always in the know and hence tempted to become a product junkie. When shopping for new stock I look at what I currently have and try to identify what’s needed; usually it’s a leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner or twisting cream. However, this time around I was having issues with my scalp (I had in braided extensions prior to this), so I was looking for something that would alleviate this problem. I was going through each collection and came across the Papaya Castor which advertised everything perfectly for me.

Good hair starts at the scalp.

Dry, flaky scalp? Yes Ma’am!

This collection has five different products and I was torn between the serum and cleanser. After much debate, I decided I wouldn’t want something that I’d eventually have to rinse out but rather something to penetrate my scalp (if that makes sense). Therefore, I went with the massaging serum. It is said to work like magic to hydrate and nourish while also promoting healthy hair growth.

First thing first is the scent! Very different from my usual coconut scented, tropical products. This was light and refreshing; I was instantly in love. Lucky enough they also sent a smaller size of the serum in addition to my products. At first I thought it was an accident, but I saw others sharing that they received the same as well. This was my first time using anything other than oils or grease on my scalp and it was surprisingly soothing.

The product comes in a bottle with a nozzle which is a major plus, and it’s relatively thick so it wasn’t dripping everywhere or running down the sides of my face. Following the instructions, it says to apply lightly then moisturise into the scalp. During the week I reach for this product and my Jojoba oil interchangeably. To keep it real with you guys, some days I do forget to do this so my bottle is only about half way. Also, I can’t really give a schedule as to how often I use it (whether daily/weekly etc). I do it on an on/off basis.


Made with a soothing blend of Vitamins A, C, D and E

What’s Good About It?

  • Cools and calms the scalp ✅
  • Hydrates with regular use ✅
  • Promotes healthy hair growth in between styles ✅ (I hope. My hair growth will be another discussion in the future)

What’s In It?

The two main ingredients are Papaya and Castor Oil. [Fun fact: In Antigua (or the Caribbean), we call Papaya – Paw Paw]. According to their website, Papaya is fortified with healing Vitamins A and C, to banish itchy dandruff and stubborn buildup for good. In addition to Castor Oil, which by now we all know the benefits to – improves hair growth and strengthens hair. It also contains Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin Oil and Mango Seed Butter. There are no silicones, mineral oils or dyes and is cruelty free.

Overall, I enjoyed using this product and will continue to do so once it means my scalp isn’t dry or flaking. I also peeped that it’s currently sold out on their site but you may be lucky at some of their retail locations (target and amazon). So yes, this is one product I will be repurchasing in the future and also recommend.

Talk Soon,

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