Gemini Naturals – Temporary Hair Colour Gel on Type 4 Hair Review

Hey guys!

Finallyyyyyyy!! I have entered the temporary hair colour wave! I HAVE ARRIVED. It has been a long time coming but we finally made it. The choice was somewhat difficult to make on what colour I should get so I enlisted the help of my Instagram stories. However, that didn’t stop my excitement and I purchased both of the choices presented.

My experiences with both were somewhat different given the techniques and styles used to achieve the colour. Therefore I’ll be giving you the full details on both. FYI these products were not sponsored, and were purchased during their Black Friday sale where I received a 40% discount.

Get Hued: Cranberry

Just so you know, this was the colour that received the most votes via Instagram. I have always wanted a red look but was too chicken to actually dye my hair (this was more of a burgundy though). I decided to test this out for the Christmas season while on vacation. Prior to application, I didn’t watch any videos so I just assumed since it was a gel-based product that styling would be the same as any other gel.

My first attempt was a braid-out where I applied the product to my ends then braided my hair. When I finished braiding each section, I realised I wasn’t seeing the colour as much thus I put a bit more on the braids themselves. The next day, I didn’t particularly like the outcome since my hair wasn’t fully dry. I made the best of the style seeing as it was Christmas Day, lol. However, I decided to give the product another try by putting my hair in chunky twists and applying the colour after untwisting my hair. It resulted in a more vibrant hue as you can see below.

Cranberry – red with a pink undertone (appears bright burgundy on dark hair). The website really had all the information I needed, but I guess with it being Black Friday I totally ignored it.

Hair on New Year’s Eve

The application process was very messy for me both times when I applied it on damp hair and also on dry hair. When I was putting it into my hair particles were flying everywhere (think of it like sprinkles). Additionally, while going about my day it would easily transfer to anything I rub against. Over the course of the week the product began to look cakey (clumped up) while in my hair. I’m not sure if this occurred because of my application process or how I would refresh my hair. It also took more than one wash to get it out. I was really questioning my decision to colour my hair at this point.

Get Hued: Bronze Beauty

The colour I really wanted to try and had a totally different experience with. Contrary to the application process of the Cranberry, I didn’t have much of mess with Bronze Beauty. I used it on damp hair as well and left it to air dry. My style of choice this time was finger coils (never doing that again). After I got over the finger coils, I decided a nice afro to show off the colour would be great.

With this colour I didn’t have as much transfer as the Cranberry and it genuinely felt different while applying. I also only used it once to get the full colour effect I was going for. It was easily my favourite of the two, and I’ll definitely be using more of it.

Works best on damp hair over your favorite leave-in conditioner.

So, maybe I should have checked out the directions beforehand or some youtube reviews. I did use two different leave-in conditioners on each of the colour options above, so that could also be a reason as to why I was having problems the first time around. The website also says that you can use a hair dryer or air dry.

Pros + Cons of Gemini Naturals Temporary Hair Colour


  • Easily change the colour of your hair
  • It’s TEMPORARY; if you don’t like it then wash it out
  • The pump bottle made the process easier
  • The products are made with aloe vera which has great benefits for natural hair
  • The products are handmade, therefore you’d be supporting a small-business owner
  • It doubles as a curl defining gel


  • It can be a messy process
  • Colour transfers
  • May need more than one application to get the colour right (not so much of a bad thing, but also take into account the size of the product)
I had some fun with the Cranberry

Full list of colours available:

  • Sunset – a burnt orange with red undertones **
  • Ocean
  • Plain Jane
  • Silver Storm
  • Pink Berry
  • Mulberry
  • Blush – an iridescent brown with peach tones (best on dark brown hair) .. this actually sounds interesting **
  • Cobalt
  • Midnight
  • Purple Rain

All in all it wasn’t a bad experience. Since I purchased these products I am definitely going to use them until they’re finished. Would I purchase another/again? Maybe. The ones with an asterisk above are ones’ willing to try, any other colour may be a bit too bold for me unless it’s Carnival. I am also considering purchasing the brand’s primer and oil to see if that affects the results.

Would you or have you tried a temporary hair colour?
What did you use and how did it go?
Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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