The Happy Wave Project [Free Printable Included]

As I opened the page to write a new post I got a weird sense of Deja Vu, like I’ve definitely wrote what I’m writing now before. So I opened a new tab and did a quick search of my previous blog posts; lo and behold there it is: Hey April. In that post I spoke about wanting to start a 30 days of Happiness challenge, and oddly enough that was on my mind for the last week. How coincidental that these ideas both came about at the beginning of April? So yes I’ll be trying this again and here we go.



It’s really simple, for the month of April I want everyone to just share some happy vibes everyday. It doesn’t matter how, it’s just important that you do. To hold yourself accountable or to also inspire others share your story on Twitter or Instagram with #TheHappyWave.


The number one thing that makes me happy is the beach, so I instantly thought of a wave. Just like a wave washes ashore, I hope to spread my inspirational thoughts and acts to others; also with the hopes that others will continue this wave and inspire more individuals on their journey of happiness.

Happiness comes in waves.

Why are we striving to be HAPPY?

With all the constant negativity around us, why not be happy? If we can push pass the negative views and our own pitfalls, imagine what we can become. A happier lifestyle will ultimately become a healthier lifestyle.

To get started, here’s a free printable to complete:

  • Share SIX things that make you happy
  • Share FOUR positive affirmations about yourself using I AM:
  • Find ONE quote to inspire your journey
  • Write THREE new things you wish to learn this month
  • Feel free to jot down some notes to share

Click to Download >Β The Happy WaveProject

The Happy WaveProject

Let’s all go out and have a fantastic month!

Happy Easter 🌼🌸

11 responses to “The Happy Wave Project [Free Printable Included]”

  1. Definitely a great movement to start. I agree! Negativity seems to get so much attention nowadays. It’s great to see people striving to change that.

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