Seasons are for a Reason

We all go through things in life, and I think if it’s one thing we always notice is nothing lasts forever. The lows we may feel, or a spontaneous high from something exciting; it’s all temporary.

A Season does not last a lifetime

Not trying to be the bearer of bad news here, but it’s the truth. Let’s talk about the bad first. Try and remember a time where you were scared at the outcome of something; or felt like “this is it” life has no meaning and the worst thing was currently happening to you. Now fast forward to present moment, was it really?

Were all of the things you thought of previously the worst things that could happen in you life? Were there no silver linings? Did they last forever? NO!

It’s all temporary.

Let’s look at the good a season may bring. Now think of the best thing you’ve achieved in life. How did you react when you received it? What did you do to achieve it? Most likely you would have worked extra hard on whatever it is to get where you are today. But after you feel this current joy or “temporary high”, when it is over what do you do? Life continues as normal.

You settled.

To continue achieving greatness and exploring our full potential we must continue to push ourselves and not settle after one achievement. Aren’t you curious to know what all you can achieve?

Seasons are for a reason.

The most important reason being LESSONS. I know you’ve heard of the saying where “friends are only for a season” well, so are most of our encounters with life. Luckily they don’t last a lifetime.

We learn, we grow and we enter another season.

Happy Sunday!! Make it a good one and an even better week. Remember whatever you may going through doesn’t last forever, you can overcome it. Also, don’t settle. Aim high and follow your wildest dreams.


- Aaliyah

16 responses to “Seasons are for a Reason”

  1. Wonderful post. And so very true. Seasons are temporary. I think this makes for a great post going into the new week.


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