Caribbean Festivals Bucket List

Now we all know of Coachella and the various EDM festivals in the US, but here in the Caribbean we have our fair share. Most may be in the form of Carnivals, however each island offers something different.

Here’s my bucket list of Caribbean Festivals:

caribbean festivals

Trinidad Carnival ~ Feb 2018

The biggest and the baddest.

The hub of Carnival.

With its long street parades, endless fetes and an abundance of soca music, VIBES and food; this is one carnival to definitely try in your lifetime. Even if you choose not to play mas there’s still plenty to do during the carnival season. But the main point is to experience the road parade. Their costumes are also extravagant and breathtaking you’d automatically fall in love with one. That also means that they could cost in excess of US$1,000.

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source: the karibbean kollective

Spice Mas: Grenada ~ August 2018

The spice isle.

Known for it’s Jab-Jab jouvert.

~ jouvert: day break or morning, signaling the start of bacchanal = CARNIVAL

Jouvert in Grenada is a very different style compared to the other islands who have an event of this nature. Instead of the usual powder, water, paint or even mud they take it a step further and use crude oil. However, that’s not the only aspect of it which interests me, it’s the way in which they portray their culture. They would be dressed in chains and have other accessories as part of their “story telling”. I’m not sure I’d actually be a part of it for the first time visiting but I’d definitely love to capture images and learn more about their reasoning behind what they do.

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St Kitts

Music Festival ~ June 2018

Thought I was going to continue and list all the different carnivals in the region? Nope, there’s something different in here too. Surprise, we have our own music festivals too! This happens to be one of the most diverse shows in the region.

The festival has showcased world-renowned performers such as Brian McKnight, Shaggy, Morgan Heritage, Boys II Men, Wyclef Jean, Ne-Yo and so much more.Β I’m really just waiting for them to have someone I’m totally in love with and then I’m there!!

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Sugar Mas ~ December/January 2018

Ok, I already sort of missed this one. But imagine starting the year off by being in a costume on the road! That’s how it’s done in St Kitts as New Years Day is when they celebrate carnival.

Image result for sugar mas st kittssource: global carnivalist

Crop Over: Barbados ~ July 2018

I know y’all have seen Rihanna at this festival year after year, so there’s no question about it. Can you imagine jumping in a band with Rihanna??

Also, bajan music is so different from ours and I hear their route is longer as well. Attending this festival would be a mix of wanting to experience the road as well as going to a few pre-parties.

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source: celebrity insider


Bacchanal Jamaica ~ April 2018


Festivities can last for two months, beginning in February but most of the big fetes happen during easter weekend with the parade on the last day of the carnival. Main events are held in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, Negril and Montego Bay. I can only imagine how the local culture of Jamaica is incorporated to make this a true Caribbean experience.

Xaymaca International looks like the band to be in this year! Titled Emerald Lush, wouldn’t you like to be a part of it? P.S This is just one section!

source: the Caribbean kollective

Dream Weekend ~ August 2018

5 days of partying
Music non stop ~ all genres, live performances
Beach venue ~ Negril
Rum + FOOD

What more you need?

Image result for negril jamaica dream weekendsource: leh we go

BRT (Beach Road Trip) Weekend

Dominican Republic ~ March 2019

Any reason to go to the Dominican Republic really.

However, an all-inclusive weekend of music, food, drinks, themed parties at a resort location? Β Currently, there are six different party venues which they tour throughout the year; Atlanta, New York, California, Florida, Turks & Caicos and Dominican Republic which is in the Caribbean.


Nobody knows how to party like Caribbean people.

I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but somehow some way I must attend at least ONE of these events for 2018.

Do you have any travel goals this year of places within your city/town/region?


Stay Tuned