Antigua Carnival 2017: A Review of Myst Carnival & More

“Whole year we waiting, and we anticipating…..#WaitingontheStage”

Well the wait was finally over last week and now we wait again for 2018.


Real Vibes & Music

Dubbed The Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival, Antigua’s carnival takes place from the last week of July to the first week of August. The first Monday & Tuesday of August are public holidays in which we take to the streets to revel. Historically, Carnival is all about emancipation and celebration but over the years it has become very mainstream. Nonetheless this year was our 60th anniversary and we continued with the traditional queen shows/pageants, music (calypso and soca) shows, panorama, Jouvert and parades.

Leading up to the holiday events, there are a wide variety of “pre-carnival” fetes with lots of different themes. However for me, my most anticipated weekend is the one right before the holiday. I shouldn’t even say “weekend” because it technically starts from the Sunday to Tuesday; not sure what happens on Friday/Saturday but I’m not usually in attendance.

I was born in dis land, I go die in dis land…..NOBODY go run me

2017-08-17 14.01.42

Sunday morning I started things off with Breakfast Fete – the ultimate all-inclusive fete. Slated from 4a.m to 4p..m. this fete covers all your needs; from premium drinks, mojitos, Antiguan breakfast, lunch (catered food), BBQ pork, Fish, Ital, kfc, crab, slushies, fresh coconut water, bun & cheese and the list goes on, what more could you want?

There were also a variety of performances from local as well as regional artistes, singing both calypso and soca music. To end the day we had a special performance by the Original Burning Flames, Antigua’s #1 Jam band.

P.S I didn’t leave this fete till after 5 p.m being there since 7:30 a.m. *because of makeup, but it could have been 5 a.m.*

Side note – As a tradition, a group of girls usually portray the country’s flag in the form of a swimsuit. This year I was asked to join the gang and the results can be seen below.




All I want in life is SOCA

To start things off on Monday we have Jouvert (day break) from around 3:00 a.m to 10 a.m.. The band in which I played in (Caution!) planned to leave at 2:00 a.m so I was definitely out my house very early. They served soup and hot beverages before we went on the road; but I’m not really a fan of either so I skipped it.


*Yes we look fairly clean, but the band had paint, powder and water.*

Can’t remember what time we actually made it onto the road, but I definitely left at 7:30a.m. The crowd was becoming a bit much and I was TIRED of hearing the same (foreign) songs over and over. *plus still tired from the day before*

First Mondays in August are totally MYSTIC

Every time someone asks me “What band are you playing with?” I legit have to laugh and be like “Is there any other?” Despite complaints and costume issues surrounding Myst this is where the vibes naturally is, so yes I played with them. This was their tenth year and my second with them; this year’s theme was inTENse – Transcendence.

Monday mas is a bit different from the official costume parade on Tuesday, not only the routes but the outfits as well. Usually, there’s an outfit given to masqueraders to be worn on that day, but ladies normally take this as their moment to showcase their own creativity. So at least half the band *including myself* would be dressed in totally different outfits of their own choice.

High School Friends

My Monday wear outfit was locally made and my makeup was done by YATartistry. I had no problems using any of their services.

We ready for the road – MAS TIME

I’ve been waiting on this day forever!! I couldn’t wait to be dressed in my costume and on the road. But first, makeup!

Good thing everything was running on “Caribbean time”, I got done with my makeup and made it to the lunch spot before the band left. *This didn’t happen on Monday*

Despite the scorching sun, it was lots of fun from beginning to end – my feet didn’t fail me. The ice-cream on the road was a big plus! There was also ‘Bubble Tea’ on Monday which I was totally in love with.

Myst Carnival – SURYA

Surya is the sun of the East. It represents the transcendence from the sun of the West to this oriental sun. Despite being the same sun its spirit and warmth is absorbed differently from one hemisphere to the next.


Party DONE

So yes now that Carnival is finally over, what’s next?? Independence events (November)?? Christmas events??

I’ll be making a follow-up post of festivals within the Caribbean I’d love to attend. There are actual people who make it a mission to go to every carnival around the world, I just want to experience a select few for different reasons.

Have you guys ever played mas or attended any carnival celebrations?

- Aaliyah

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