Natural Hair Protein Treatment

So, I finally did a protein treatment last weekend and I opted for a natural, DIY at home one which I found on Pinterest. It amazes me the world of things you can find on Pinterest, I’ve pinned a gazillion pins to my natural hair board by now. Funny enough my board name is “Bye-Bye Creamy Crack” and we’re 13 months on a fully natural ‘fro.

hair update

Why did I need a protein treatment?

  • Sadly, parts of my hair lost its elasticity aka the curls weren’t holding. Whether it was wet or dry when I pulled the strand it wouldn’t bounce back.
  • Hair was also LIMP AF. It just didn’t have its body anymore
  • Needed added moisture
  • Recovering from heat damage
  • Protein = strength and length, which are my ultimate goals

So what did I use, and why?


2 tbsps Honey – moisture and promotes hair growth
4 tbsps Mayonnaise – softer, shinier, smoother hair thanks to the eggs, vinegar and other natural ingredients
2 tsps Olive oil – healthy scalp, seals moisture
1 tsp Tea tree oil – moisturize and nourishes scalp, helps with dandruff


What did I end up with?

So, at first I couldn’t really see or feel any difference. However, as I conditioned and moisturized my hair to place it into a style, my curls were poppin’! I thought this was a way better wash n go than before so I was happy. Also, my hair was feeling very soft and looking shiny! This was a major plus because I was tired of the dry look. So yes, my hair is moisturized and feels stronger plus looking fuller.

I plan to do these treatments once a month, because you know too much of anything can turn into a bad thing. This is only until my hair looks and feels healthy.


However, you can’t only do protein treatments from the outside, you need to protect the hair from the inside as well. This means upping your protein intake based on your diet; fish, chicken breast, eggs, almonds/peanuts, broccoli are some good examples of foods high in protein. If you can’t stick with a high protein diet, be sure to implement some vitamins into your schedule as well. I’m not the best with this because I often forget to take them, but I always try my best.

There are also hair supplements that you can take which promote hair growth and what not. Personally, I take biotin every now and again. But with any supplement you take, ensure you read the labels and do your own research.


Bringing my hair back to life, slowly but surely

Have you ever done a protein treatment?
What did you use? Results?
Do you take hair supplements?

6 responses to “Natural Hair Protein Treatment”

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  3. I used to do protein treatments. I would use either the Aphogee protein treatment or the Mielle Organics deep conditioner that has protein but I quickly learned that my hair is protein sensitive so I stopped doing them. I have tried the Loreal Elvive hair mask that contains protein and surprisingly my hair responds very well to it.
    I also tried to take hair, skin and nails supplements in the past but I didn’t see much of a difference. That could be due to the fact that I only used them for a short amount of time though.


    1. Oh, how did you learn about your hair being protein sensitive?


      1. Well I just found that when I used products that contained protein it made my hair hard and dry. I could instantly feel a difference so I just stopped using them and assumed my hair was sensitive lol.


  4. Think I’m going to start doing this once or twice a month when I take these braids out.


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