1 Year Type 4 Natural Hair Journey

*round of applause*

*drum rolls*

Please cue the EXTRANESS. If you asked me two years ago if I’d ever go natural the answer would have probably been NOPE, but look at me now! Natural and loving it! I may not love it everyday, but as I mentioned before it’s all a learning process.

On this day a year ago, I did the big chop which was totally unplanned. However, throughout the course of the year I’ve done various protective styles with and without hair extensions, tried numerous products and finally did a blow out and trim.

So first off, here are a few pictures from my last wash day on Sunday where I tried something different since I was out of cowash. Instead, I used Soft and Beautiful Botanicals Shea Butter shampoo.  It made my hair feel so amazing and you could tell how clean it was. Usually with the cowash I feel like I have to rinse it out repeatedly to get it out. This shampoo also lathered more and got the job done; it also had in olive, argan and coconut oils, along with aloe and vitamin E.

Length Check:


To be honest for the year I’ve never gotten a trim, and I’ve only partially blown out my hair once to get it braided. I was really scared to do this because I wasn’t sure if it was needed or not and I didn’t want her to trim off all my growth. Face it, no-one loves cutting their hair.

Post Hairdresser:

Umm, not sure if I’d do this to my hair again but I’ll definitely have another update post after I do a wash. She warned me before that my curl pattern may change, so let’s see what happens after.

So there you have it, the results of me being natural for one year! Don’t think I’ve had any other new products since the last update. Let’s see how long this blow out lasts.

One Year Difference: *more like 11 months*


Are you a fellow naturalista?
How long has it been?
How often do you trim?
Let me know!

What happened after the blow out:Damage Control! // Hair Update