4 Ways to Save Money In/After College

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First, check the topic……..Now let’s be real, saving money has to be the hardest thing to do everrr, especially when unexpected things come into play. Today imma talk about ways I “saved” money in college, as well as after.

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1/ Know when to say NO

Every weekend my friends always wanted to turn up, whether it was drinking, eating out or going to the cinema etc. Yes, you gotta be social in university and not spend all your time in the books, BUT know your limit. Sometimes you have to pass up on a few offers because you will have other responsibilities.

2/ Get a Job/Find a Hustle

Not a tip on how to save, but a way to make more money so you can save more. In college lots of people got their hustle on by doing hair/nails part-time, tutoring or working on campus. Even if you’re unemployed/employed, do you have a hobby that you can turn into a hustle?


3/ Budget

Everyone’s favorite B word, or nah? I tried my best with budgeting maybe through my last semester in college, but everything didn’t go as planned. Since I’m currently employed again I’ll try my hand at it once more after summer *lol*

4/ Separate Accounts/Banks

You can have a checkings account, where your transactions will come out from as well as a savings account to save extra funds. I’ve heard people talk about options at the bank where you can specify that you don’t want to be able to take money off xx account, so that’s one way to encourage you to save. Another is if you bank at two different banks you can make one specifically for saving and not have a ATM card to access it

For me, the bulk of my money probably goes towards FOOD. However, I try my best to limit my eat outs to only weekends/twice a month and try inexpensive places. However, now that I’m an “adult” the goal is to SAVE. Save for all the things I always wanted to have or do. One of my missions is to take a big trip once a year; travel and experience different cultures.

How do you save money?

What’s the biggest spender for you? How do you control that?

What are you currently saving up for?


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