Life in Your 20s: The Essential Items Needed

Hey Guys!!

We all know how our 20s can feel or if we’re not there yet the impending pressure of “adult life”. Well I’m here to help you out a bit and get you through this period; even though I’m still in my early 20s we’ll learn together. So while you’re preparing for the real “adult life” there are a few stuff I think you should have throughout your journey.

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After college or the beginning of your 20s is a nice time to reevaluate your closet and make sure it’s stocked with essential items. These are just a few to get you started:

Interview Clothes + Bag

Yes, you may have all the clothes for a night out on the town, but do you have something to wear to an interview when the time comes? Don’t wait until the last-minute to be running to the stores *like me*. Find an appropriate fit and items that could be worn more than once – black blazer, button downs, pumps, slacks etc. There’s also going to be a time when you have to ditch the backpack and replace it with a neutral color bag/briefcase suitable for work.

Formal Work Wear Outfit     Image result for interview outfits for ladies

A Watch

 Sometimes your phone isn’t going to always be on you or there won’t be anyone around to ask “Hey, what’s the time“. Therefore, a watch is a suitable investment to make in your 20s.

Basic Makeup

For me it’s eyeliner, mascara, foundation and a nice lipstick, but find what works for you. Nothing too extravagant just suitable enough for work and your personal go-to for casual occasions. For guys, do you know how to shave? Invest in a razor and save some money on going to the barber every week.


How did this get here? Well, now that you’re “aging”, wouldn’t it be a good time to try to stay in shape? Working out not only benefits your physical appearance but also your mental health. It doesn’t matter if it’s just walking, going to gym or playing a sport, but remember to stay active!

Apart from the clothing staples there are other important items I believe you should own in your 20s:

Image result for planner

A Planner/Journal

Of course with technology there are countless apps and your phone is ALWAYS on you, but I prefer the good old method of writing things down. Whether you have a job or still attending school it’s nice to be organized. Planners seem to be the “in thing” and there are now tons in circulation with different designs; my dream one is a Passion Planner. There are also printables you can find online to create your own booklet if you’d like.

Image result for passports


 Being from the Caribbean this is something we normally get while we’re younger as it’s one of the main forms of identification. However, it’s also a travel document and if you’re 20+ and without one you need to get with the program. Traveling is a great way to gain lifelong experiences and wisdom; you also get to explore places you’ve never seen/heard of.

Laptop/Tablet Device

 You’ll need this when it’s time to do some job searching, whether looking up companies or to create your resume and cover letter. It could also help you with networking if you join sites like LinkedIn. There’s also the possibility of signing up for online courses to help you out professionally or in a field which sparks your interest.

A Savings Account

Your (early) 20s are a good place to start saving money for the future. Eventually you’ll have to stop relying on your parents. Try getting a savings account separate from your other account so you won’t be tempted to transfer/withdraw money unless it’s an emergency.

College Degree/Skill

There are many benefits to owning a college degree and I’m sure you’ve heard them all.  Even if you don’t have a degree or plan on going to college, that’s okay. College may not be for everyone, but it’s also a good idea to learn a skill and find ways to gain experience to put you on the job market.

Quality Pots/Pans

If you’re living alone, this is a great investment to make and hopefully you know how to cook. Even if you don’t it’s easy to learn. Cooking your own food goes a long way in saving money that could be used for other things.

There you have it, 10 things I think you should own in your 20s; nothing unattainable but all have their benefits.
What other things do you think you should own in your 20s?


8 responses to “Life in Your 20s: The Essential Items Needed”

  1. This was so poignant for me, I think your 20’s is the time you really get your shit together and figure out who you are and want to be.

    This is such a good list, happy that I checked almost all of them off. My fave would deffo be the planner, I can’t imagine what I do without mine now if I’m honest!

    Lovely post

    Laura xo

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