How To Guide: The Basics of Camping

Hey Guys!

So I recently went camping with my university’s Geology Club, (which I’m a member of) to the Palo Duro Canyon in Amarillo, Texas. At the end of every school year we try to do some form of trip/activity and this was my professor’s choice. It is also the second largest canyon in the United States, can you guess the first?

Luckily for me it wasn’t my first time camping so I knew all the basics and was happy to lend a helping hand to others. As a result I decided to also share my knowledge with you guys in case you ever decide to go on a camping adventure. Don’t worry not all camping has to be as primitive as you think, but that’s where all the adventure/fun happens. Camping is a great activity to do with your family, friends or even significant other; all you really need to do is take a weekend away and enjoy the outdoors.

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Here’s a list of my Basics of Camping:

1/ Campsite Location

Before I moved to the U.S we used to go camping on an off shore island or a secluded beach. These were always nice spots as you get to getaway from the hustle and bustle of the “city life”. More often than not cell signal is often weak to limited in these areas, so perfect time to disconnect. However, the U.S also has a variety of state parks with different amenities; so choose wisely and determine how exactly you’d like to spend your Β next few day.

Camping in Texas

2/ Camping Gear

If you’re in for the adventure, and really want to get the full experience of camping there are a few things you’d need. First off a tent! You can find these from amazon, Wal-Mart and any other outdoor supply store. There’s a wide selection to choose from depending on size and differing qualities. Next up in a sleeping bag/blow up bed and padding to keep comfortable throughout the night.


3/ List of Essentials

Now that you know where you’re camping and what you will be camping in, it’s time to make your list of items to walk with. When making this list remember the time period you’re camping for *don’t over do it, your whole house can’t fit in a tent*. There are also some key items that you should always remember like: toiletries, bug spray, flashlights, trash bags, sweater and first aid kit. The basic headings of your list will include camp gear, food supplies, clothes, personal items, other.

4/ Meal Planning

Most U.S state parks have the option of outdoor grills, but if you’re in another area like the Caribbean you’d have to make cooking arrangements and pack as needed. A cooler is also needed for drinks and to keep necessary food items chilled. It’s best to think of meals that are easy to prepare and won’t require much storage. Most of our lunch and dinner preparations were food we could grill (hotdogs/hamburgers/pre seasoned meat) and for breakfast cereal or sandwiches.


5/ Activities

The fun part! If you’re camping and you don’t stay up late one night playing games and telling scary stories you’re doing it wrong! I know you’ve also seen movies where a camp fire is involved as well as smores, don’t be afraid to indulge in the fun. Also, depending on your campsite of choice there’s the option for other activities such as hiking, horse back riding, snorkeling, swimming or just taking a tour of the venue. This is your time to relax and enjoy the great outdoors.


There you have it, my list of the five basics of camping. The most important rule is to always be prepared and don’t let anything spoil your fun. P.S Check the weather before or plan to make the best of the situation.

Have you ever been camping before?


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