September Faves – What I’ve Been Loving this Month

September to Remember? Or how did we get here so quickly? Is anyone else concerned with how quickly time seems to be moving? No? Okay, not the point of this post. It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a recap on anything and I wanted to shoutout a few of my favourite products, things or experiences I enjoyed this month. I tried my best to categorize everything, so feel free to jump to a particular section which interests you.


  • Natural Hair
  • Skincare/Beauty
  • Clothing/Accessories
  • Foods/Drinks
  • Applications/Technology
  • Books

Natural Hair

In August, I was gifted a new line of products from Mielle Organics and was surprised by how well the products worked for my hair. The Mango & Tulsi Collection formulated for wavy, curly and coily hair comes with a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, 3-in-1 serum, styling gel and whipping creme. My favourites out of this bunch are the shampoo, conditioner, styling gel and whipping creme. Since filming the necessary content, these products have become a staple in my wash day routine. As an island girl, the packaging and scent of this line makes me smile.


I’ve gotten quite a bit of new skincare products over the last two month, however I haven’t been as consistent as I would like. Therefore, perhaps this section will be a bit more lengthy in next month’s post. For now, here’s a few that I’ve fell in love with right off the bat.

Youth to the People

First I bought a (mini) kit to test out these products which I’ve seen ALL over social media, then I recently purchased the full sized moisturizer and wish I also got the face cleanser.

Superfood Cleanser – It has in Kale and Green Tea Spinach vitamins. It’s the most gentle cleanser I’ve ever used, but it still gets the job done. The scent is also very light and fresh.

Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream – Baybeee, the moisture in this product? Insane. Fell in love with it on the first application that I knew I eventually needed to get it in the full-sized version.

Youth to The People Products


Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer – I think I first got this as a travel size in a gift set. From the time I applied it, the hydration was immediate and it kept my face moisturiz=|ed throughout the day.


Flared Jeans

Slowly turning into a jeans gworl again. Given I live in a tropical climate, wearing jeans just seems restrictive. However, once upon a time they were my preferred choice of pants but for a different reason. I also had a love/hate relationship with them when it came to size, if my legs fit, my waist didn’t and that was annoying on a whole. However, with recent developments, there have been so many styles and options available that on my last trip I was determined to find the right one or three.

Jeans from Hollister, also wearing my Rai earrings

Shop Zoe Mercedes Jewellery

Rai Earrings – They add a little extra oomph to my look that my regular hoops don’t give. Perfect for dressing up an outfit. They were my go-to on my last trip and whenever I’m going out.

Cass necklace – This was one of the first specialty pieces which SZM offered, so I had it for some time but the white gives it a special touch. It’s a simple piece and my most chosen necklace to wear daily.

If you’re looking for great jewellery at a good price, check them out! I’ll be getting a few pieces next month to continue building my collection. P.S I have a code you can use to save some coins!

Code: ATBA10


May or may not have ate out quite a bit this month. Some things I enjoyed and others not so much, but one thing I suddenly grew an appetite for was Sushi so this was my first time trying this particular roll and it just happened to make it onto the list.

The Larder’s Spicy Lobster Roll – I thought they would have skimped on the lobster but I could taste it with every bite. I’m also not one for spicy foods, so I was happy when this wasn’t overly spicy. Actually can’t wait to try it again.

Spicy Lobster Roll from The Larder Antigua



Okay, I’ve been using CapCut for a good while now. I also can’t remember how I was introduced to it, if it was a random app store download or I saw a TikTok. However, this is how I edit all my reels, short form videos and sometimes YouTube videos. So imagine my excitement when I found out they came out with a desktop version! It would definitely be easier for me to edit on my laptop as opposed to my phone in the case of YouTube videos because they are longer and I can use a bigger screen.


Last year I made a vow to read one book per month, that didn’t happen so I changed it to one book per quarter for 2022. That still didn’t happen, but now I’m reflecting on it, the issue was probably the types of books I chose to read. Back in the day (lol), I used to read A LOT of James Patterson, John Grisham, Nora Roberts etc. So while speaking with a friend on my displeasure with my current read, I decided to browse Amazon for recent books by James Patterson and stumbled upon my first completed book for 2022!

Blowback by James Patterson

I purchased this book the Sunday and finished it the following Thursday, only because I had other commitments. That’s how hooked I was. Not to give anything away, but it’s about an American president who basically goes psycho *relatable? haha* but it showed just how much power the president really has. Overall it held my interest and I always wanted to knew what was coming next and sometimes it wasn’t what I expected.

That’s all for September! Hope you guys enjoyed this roundup, and feel free to share what your faves were from any category.

Until next time!


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