Recap: A Day Spent at Blue Waters Resort & Spa, Antigua

Every once in a while, mostly on special occasions, we decide to pay a hotel a visit. This is a good idea if you’re looking to “escape” to another location and be immersed in a different scenery. Luckily, Antigua has many options available, however at various price points. In July, we opted for the Blue Waters Resort to celebrate my nephew’s birthday as well as to get a little R&R. This choice was made based on a select criteria – family inclusive, offers and of course price. We’ve also been to Blue Waters before for lunch and dinner so we had prior experience with the level of service. This post is simply meant to share a few details of our trip along with my experience.


Blue Waters Resort & Spa is located on the North Western side of Antigua in Solider’s Bay which is not very far from St. John’s City.

Usually we would do an overnight stay however that wasn’t within our budget at this time. Therefore we simply opted for a Day Pass experience which went from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We also received a complimentary room which served as our haven when the temperature outside got a little heated.


Arrival: 9:27 a.m.

Breakfast: This was done A la Carte style with the exception of fruits, cereal and pastries available by the buffet. I decided to try a latte (I’m not really a warm drink type of person in the mornings) and I really should have just had juice. It was no Starbucks obviously but I also need to learn the differences when it comes to coffee beverages. For my meal, I went with pancakes and an omelet. The menu was pretty basic and I wished they had french toast. Nonetheless, it wasn’t bad and made a good start to the morning.

After breakfast, one of the employees gave us a mini-tour around the hotel then we decided to chill by the pool for a bit until the room was ready. When it was ready we went and got changed for the beach. While they went to the beach I decided to use the time to film a reel which has been on my to-do list forever. After filming I decided to join them on the beach, however it wasn’t my cup of tea. The water wasn’t as clear as I’d like it to be and there was also seaweed present #curseclimatechange.


The room we received was a Deluxe Beachfront Room which was close by to some of the hotel’s main features (pool, beach restaurant, main area). I loved the ambiance of the room as well as the furnishings, the pop of turquoise also added a flair. There was even a patio outside with a day bed for relaxing and enjoying the view.

Given my displeasure with the beach, my sister and I went over to one of the other main pools where everyone else eventually joined us. There’s a bar located at this pool so you can get your drinks fairly easy, and on some instances an attendant also brought your drink for you. This day was relatively quiet at the hotel so we enjoyed the pool with limited disturbances. After being in the water for a bit, it was time for lunch where we went back to The Palm restaurant.

Lunch: Similar to breakfast lunch was served A la Carte. It was difficult for me to decide in the moment what I felt like I eating, therefore I wish it was buffet so that I could see the options and know what I’d like to try. I also found that the menu had more “snack” options than full lunch meals which was expected. In the end I settled for a Caesar salad with shrimp and a shrimp quesadilla.

After lunch we went back to the room to relax then it hit me that I didn’t shoot much content a part from the reel I did earlier. So as to not waste away in the room (even though the bed was super comfortable), I went back out to see what other content I could capture. I took a few photos but they weren’t hitting as I’d expect so they didn’t make it to the ‘gram. However, upon my exploration I realized that the resort actually expanded more than I previously thought. To my surprise there was actually another beach I could have visited along with an adults-only pool which I did ensure to take a dip in. They’re located a bit further from everything else which I suppose was intentionally done for privacy and if couples want to escape from family groups when visiting. The landscape is breathtaking though and I liked the setup of the adults only pool area.

The only area I think we didn’t visit was the kids club, which was probably a disservice to my nephew but he probably would have kept us there ALL day! There’s also the gym and spa which we obviously did not utilize as spa services come at an additional cost. More or less we had an enjoyable day out and left around 6:00 p.m.


US $150.00 per adult
US $75.00 per child, 3 years and over

Check out my mini vlog for visuals on the resort!
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4 responses to “Recap: A Day Spent at Blue Waters Resort & Spa, Antigua”

  1. I want to visit Antigua sometime soon. Seems like such a lovely island. Hopefully, one day. This resort is amazing thou.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it is!! Hope you can visit soon ☺️


  2. This was a helpful review. I look forward to the next one.


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