5 Must Do Adventures in Grenada – Waterfalls, Rum and More!

Hey Friends! I recently returned from my first trip for 2022 where I visited the beautiful island of Grenada. This was my fourth time visiting the island, but my first full week whereby I had time to explore and have a little fun! In this blog post, I’ll be sharing a few of the activities I think are worth trying on your next trip to the Spice Isle. Let’s get into it!

Welcome to Grenada 🇬🇩

Grenada, known as the ‘Spice Isle(for its large production of spices, mainly nutmeg) is located in the southern Caribbean and is also a tri-island state. The other two smaller islands are Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Quick Information:

Airport: Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND)
Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollars (XCD) // Exchange Rate 1 USD = 2.67 XCD
Language: English
Population: 112,000+

Adventure #1 – History Lesson through St. George’s

I’m not sure if this is a usual first stop with all the tour operators but it was for us. Even on our regular trips a driver will not hesitate to impart a history lesson on you. They love their country, it’s a Caribbean thing.

Our first stop was Fort Frederick whereby you get the perfect 360° view of St George’s, Grenada’s capital. On one end you can see the town below, including views of the Carenage, and on the other end you get picturesque mountain views. After our other stops we took a drive through the town for a more up close view. Most of the buildings follow the Georgian architecture style and the Carenage has a small harbour whereby you can see lots of fishing vessels. There’s also a 7ft tunnel, Sendall Tunnel, where you can walk/drive through to get to the other side which is the where cruise ships dock. From the outside of the tunnel, you can climb stairs to get to Fort George or stop by a church which got destroyed by a Hurricane Ivan in 2004. It’s pretty interesting to see how the clock tower is still standing.

Adventure #2 – Let’s go Chasing Waterfalls

When you think of Grenada, waterfalls aren’t the first thing which come to mind *at least for me*. However, the island has quite a few, ranging in sizes. Unfortunately, I only got to visit one, which was Annandale Waterfall & Forest Park. It is a 30-foot waterfall located in Willis, St. George’s and the perfect spot for photos. There’s also a bar and restaurant, hiking trails, restrooms and souvenir shop on site. It was absolutely gorgeous, with all the lush vegetation surrounding the falls, with a small pool at its base. Entrance Fee: US $5

Other waterfalls to check out:

  • Concord Falls, Morne Docteur
  • Mt. Carmel Falls, Mount Carmel
  • Seven Sisters Waterfalls, St. Margaret

Adventure #3 – The Chocolate Experience

Unlike waterfalls, chocolate is one of the things I would link to Grenada. In addition to the production of nutmeg (and various other spices), cocoa is also grown in different parts of the island.

During this visit, we went to House of Chocolate located in St. Georges which is part museum and part store. Once there, you can get a mini tour and lesson on how chocolate is made. In addition to selling many cocoa goods, there’s also souvenirs, clothing pieces and a mini café where you can sample chocolate and purchase other treats. P.S. there’s a bakery outlet at True Blue Boutique Resort.

For a more in depth and closer look at how chocolate is processed:

Adventure #4 – The Reef Spotter

One of the activities I really wanted to do, but didn’t get a chance to given my procrastination. The reef spotter is a tour done by Cayaks which is company in Grenada who does unique tours using fully transparent, premium kayaks. They also offer to do a full photoshoot (drone imagery, GoPro, etc.) for an additional cost.

Our guided mini-tour starting from the beautiful Morne Rouge Beach (commonly known as BBC Beach), and making our way down the picturesque south-western coast to Portici Beach, Dr. Groom’s Beach, and Magazine Beach


Adventure #5 – Rum, Rum, Rum

Grenada is packed with history and culture: a part of which is also their love for RUM. During this tour in particular we stopped at a small rum shop, Mark’s Sports Bar where we learned more about the history of rum in Grenada. The counters were packed with different variations of rum all made locally. We also got to sample Mark’s Rum Punch which was quite enjoyable.

This was followed by a special local favourite, “Under de counter”. As its name suggests, this is rum made by locals with several different spices infused. It definitely packs a kick! We were instructed to first put the shot of rum in our mouths and swish it around for a bit, then after swallowing to do the same with some water.

Rum Tastings/Tours:

  • Rive Antoine
  • Clarke’s Court Rum
  • Westerhall Estate Ltd.

Notable Yearly Events

  • Sailing Week – February
  • Chocolate Festival – May
  • Spice Mas, Grenada Carnival – August
Grenada Vlog Part 1
Grenada Vlog Part 2

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  1. The history, rum tour and chocolate I expected. The other 2 were pleasant surprises– especially the transparent kayak. I’ve always seen the pics on IG Explore but didn’t quite pay attention to where it’s offered. I hope to visit Grenada someday soon, hopefully during Spice mas

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