Swimsuit Szn: 9 Caribbean Brands to Check Out this Summer

I know Spring just started but that only means we’re days closer to S U M M E R! *77 days to be exact* Ya’ll didn’t get a chance to be a hot girl last year but there’s still a bit of hope this year *crosses fingers*. Today I’ll be sharing 9 Caribbean Swimwear Brands that have been on my radar which you should check out this summer. These brands all specialize in unique, handmade pieces different from your typical swimsuits. Whether you’re just chilling at the beach/pool or going all out at a resort, these Caribbean brands have something for every style imagined. I’ll aim to update this list further as I come across more swimwear brands. In no particular order, let’s get this SWIMSUIT SZN started!


1/ MarieKays Customized Swimwear

Recently discovered this brand through Instagram and from viewing their page, these two are my favourites. I’ve been feeling monokinis more recently and both of these offer a different style: from the holographic material one to the single colour mixed with a tropical print on the other. With the suit on the left, I personally think it can easily be worn for Monday mas and still double as a beachwear. Talk about versatility! P.S. They do international shipping!

Location: St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Instagram: @mariekay_

2/ Suga Apple Swim

“Swimwear for a sexy, confident you!

One of the brands I have been eyeing for a while. They have various collections and styles but it’s definitely the prints which catch me evert time. Nothing says “Summer” or “Caribbean” more than these bright, colourful prints.

Location: Barbados
Instagram: sugaappleswim
Website: www.sugaappleswim.com

3/ House of Jem

Make a statement, find your style!

As the name suggests, these swimsuits are a gem! From their Instagram, I can see that there’s something for everyone. The unique monokinis look so good! They also do custom orders so you can get exactly what you’re looking for here.

Location: St. Lucia
Instagram: @houseofjem_
Website: houseofjem.com

4/ KaliKrochet

“Whether it’s a day fete, a quick dip or a full-on beach day – we’ve got you covered!”

Not sure if it was the names of the pieces or the colours or the designs which drew me in, but each piece is handmade to perfection. Makes me wish I took craft class more seriously. I got my hands on my first KaliKrochet piece last October for my birthday, a white KIMII shell set. I absolutely adored it, one of my faves.

Location: Antigua & Barbuda
Instagram: @kalikrochet
Website: kalikrochet.com

5/ Rhea Imani Swim

Designed and handmade with passion in paradise for stylish women

I don’t know about you guys but scrolling through this instagram makes me wanna book and show out at the most luxurious resort in Antigua! The monokinis are chic, and something about the colours and designs just speak to me. What I also love are the complementary coverups that complete the perfect, luxe resort look.

Location: Jamaica
Instagram: @rheaimaniswim
Website: www.rheaimani.com

6/ Crys M

Crys M just dropped a “Back to Basics” collections but there’s NOTHING basic about these pieces. These pieces are island-inspired as you can tell by the colours and names. This is the first release out of eight, so be on the lookout for more!

Location: The Bahamas
Instagram: @_crysm_
Website: www.crysm.shop

7/ Tropix Swim

Just like the tropics, these swimmies are hot, hot, HOT! I love how unique and original these are. They also have worldwide shipping so any where you are, you can surely be a hot girl this summer!

Location: Trinidad & Tobago
Website: www.tropixswim.com

8/ Bell Swim

I cannot believe I did not find out about this brand sooner. Bell Swim is one of the newest brands on the scene in A&B. They provide handmade bikinis that celebrate the shape of every woman’s body. What drew me to this brand were the colours. It’s the most recent print for meee! (pictured on the left)I really wanted to cop but unfortunately it sold out. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to see what’s coming for this upcoming season.

Location: Antigua & Barbuda
Instagram: @bell.swim

9/ By Krishtun

Save the best for last? No bias, but these crochet swimsuits are absolutely amazing. This brand is the DEFINITION of diversity. Her handmade crotchet swim designs are one-of-kind. She offers swimsuits, coverups, and even hats/durags all crotched and made to order! She’s also fully booked until April 30th and ships worldwide.

Location: Barbados
Instagram: @bykrishtun

P.S. if you love me, I’m a size small! πŸ˜… On a more serious note, by now you can tell why I chose these brands as some of my faves right now. The styles, colours, the creativity; I can’t wait to see more from them and the fact that they are Caribbean made? Chef’s kiss! If you check out any of them or tried any of them, let me know down below!

Until next time,

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