Product Review: Elasta QP Curl Defining Pudding & Design Foam

Hey Guys!

We’re back again with another product review. As you can see it’s also a new brand (new to the blog but not new to my hair, lol). I used the styling gel and moisturizer from this brand line before, but I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed them. Anyway, this was a spontaneous purchase and definitely within budget.

Olive Oil & Mango Butter Curl Defining Pudding

Moisturizing Butter of Mango and Olive Oil gives frizz control, bounce and definition for soft elongated curl texture. Perfect for curly kinky-cooly and frizzy textures to soften, silken and moisturize leaving your curls feeling like silk.

Product Description

First off, the scent. It’s very different to the usual mix of products I use. It’s nothing overpowering but may take some time to get adjusted to. The product also has the texture of pudding; it’s thick but not too dense. It felt weird scooping it up and putting it into my hair, but we persisted.

As usual, I decided to do a twist out for my style of choice. At first it was 3-strand twists, but laziness crept in and I started doing regular 2-strand twists. Unfortunately, I can’t remember if I used a leave-in cream or just the two mentioned in this post. However, to twist my hair the process was detangle, apply curl defining pudding followed by foam then twist. At first, my twists were looking very moisturized and shiny which gave me hope.

After untwisting my hair I had mixed feelings. It was frizzy, which I don’t particularly mind because it adds to the volume of my hair. However, I knew that the style wouldn’t last all week. I also found that while my hair appeared moisturized when the twists were in, this wasn’t the case once out. I had to keep refreshing my hair during the week due to how DRY it felt.

Olive Oil & Mango Butter Design Foam

According to the packaging the Design Foam is perfect for long-lasting wrap styles, roller sets or blow dry styles. This lightweight alcohol-free styling foam leaves hair texture feeling like silk with incredible softness, body and shine.

I usually use foam in addition with a cream to twist my hair, hoping for a longer hold. However, the foam I usually use and this one seem completely different. One is specific to natural hair and braids or twists, while the Elasta QP foam appears to be only for roller sets. I didn’t see any different with my twists and they were frizzier than ever. Perhaps I should try using this on blown out hair with Flexi rods or perm rods.

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As mentioned before, this brand isn’t as expensive as others so both products ran me about USD $18.00. Even though the outcome wasn’t the best I’d still be finding ways to implement them in my hairstyles to get my money’s worth! (or trying it in my sister’s hair, lol)

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