Product Review: Creme of Nature ft Wash Day Routine on Type 4 Hair

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Do you guys mix products from different lines? I washed my hair a week ago and decided to use majority of the Creme of Nature products I had in my stash. I also realized I’ve never done a review on half of them, so here it is. In this post I’ll also share my Wash Day Routine on type 4 hair. I usually wash my hair on the weekends, but this time it occurred on a Monday. Let’s just say it wasn’t a good idea as it was after work so it lasted way into the night.

First off, let’s review the products I used. I used products from two different lines; Mango & Shea Butter and Pure Honey. I had the Mango & Shea Butter products for awhile now, however I recently purchased products from the Pure Honey line. Let’s get into it to see if they worked for my type 4 hair.

Products Used

Shampoo – Creme of Nature Mango & Shea Butter
Deep Conditioner – Creme of Nature Pure Honey
LeaveIn Conditioner – Creme of Nature Mango & Shea Butter
Twisting Cream – Creme of Nature Pure Honey

Creme of Nature Mango & Shea Butter

These products are said to use certified natural ingredients such as mango to condition and protect the hair and shea butter which moisturizes and softens.

 These Ultra-Moisturizing formulas enrich dehydrated hair with moisture for healthier hair.

The packaging is definitely a plus- if these bright colored products don’t catch your eye I don’t know what will. As you can see they both in came in bottles, I had no problem getting the shampoo out but the leave-in is a bit thicker. Since it was running low I had to do a few shakes and squeezes, nonetheless I got it out.

Creme of Nature Mango Shea Butter Shampoo & Leave-In Conditioner


If a product lathering is any indication of how good it is, well this surpasses that test. I didn’t need to use a lot to get the job done, plus my hair felt clean afterwards. Yes, it was ultra-moisturizing as the label indicated. Unlike other products where I’d have to try washing out the shampoo continuously this one came out in a breeze.

The product was also Orange, which was surprising as I’m used to white or pale yellow products. The scent is another thing I enjoyed with this line, the break from coconut scents was needed. According to the ingredients it does include sulfates, i.e. Sodium Laureth Sulfate which is a foaming agent. This product was 12 Fl Oz and I have about a quarter remaining.

Would I purchase again? Yes

Leave-In Conditioner

I applied this to my hair immediately after deep conditioning when my hair was mostly wet. The slip it gave was wonderful for detangling purposes. Similarily to the shampoo, I felt moisture being added to my hair.

Unlike the shampoo, there are no sulfates but it does contain petrolatum. I don’t usually take note of ingredients and which ones cause the most harm, but I always like when products state directly no sulfates etc. I only did this to let you know these aren’t of one those. However, this was 8.45 Fl Oz and I have maybe enough for one section of hair left.

Would I purchase again? Yes

Creme of Nature Pure Honey

Moisture Replenish & Strength Hair Mask

The name is definitely a mouthful! This is the second product I’m trying from the Pure Honey line. Similarly to the twisting cream it comes in an 11.5 Oz jar. There are no sulfates and mineral oil, but includes pure honey, rich coconut oil and creamy Shea butter.

Creme of Nature Pure Honey Collection targets dry, dehydrated hair to provide essential moisture, softness and smoothness where your hair needs it without weighing it down.

While using the product I found I had to use a good amount each time to get enough slip and to penetrate my hair. The texture was also different from other deep conditioners I’ve used; it was creamier as opposed to thick. After rinsing it out I was pleased with the results as my hair felt softer and definitely looked shinier.

According to the label it says to use weekly for best results. So we’ll see how it goes, but I have half of jar remaining.

Creme of Nature Pure Honey Hair Mask

I already did a review of the twisting cream which you can find here >> Link to Pure Honey Twisting Cream review <<< For my style that day I ended up doing mini twists as I wanted something that could last all week. My hair also needed a break from being out so twists were the way to go.

Wash Day Routine

My routine is really simple, basic if you wish *lol*. I’m more of a lazy natural and hate spending a long time on this process. I mean washing already takes more than 2 hours (including styling), do I really need it to be any longer?

A few things to remember as I go through this:

  • I have low porosity hair (i.e it’s tricky for my hair to absorb moisture)
  • My hair is type 4, more so 4C – the kinkiest of kinky hair
  • I have thick, high density hair
  • I live in the tropics so it’s hot year round
  • I big chopped in 2016 (3 year update post coming soon)

Now for the routine. I’ve probably done a pre-poo twice in my life, I’ve never really got the point of it and it felt like added work to me. So we’ll skip right into the cleansing, then conditioning and the method I use to style my hair.

Washing Routine

Step 1: Cleanse

I know a lot of people aren’t keen on using shampoos, but I do. I’ve had my share of feeling like some products stripped my hair, however I’ve found ones that work for me. Depending on the state of my hair I’d either use a gentle cleansing shampoo or a clarifying shampoo to get a good cleanse. When I say state of my hair, I mean whether there’s massive buildup or not; sometimes I just want to get rid of another product before using a different one.

I usually wash my hair once a week, but if I can push it to two weeks I do that as well.

Step 2: Deep Condition

I don’t use conditioner, I skip right to the deep conditioning which I do every time I shampoo my hair. I use this time to detangle with either my fingers or a wide tooth comb. Due to the fact I have low porosity hair, it would be a plus to use heat during this process. However, I don’t own a steamer or heat cap (need to invest in one) so I cover my hair in a cap and use my handheld blow dryer to apply heat (I don’t do this often, the weather should be hot enough with a plastic cap to add moisture). The time I leave in my deep conditioner varies; it can be anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight (I don’t do this often), lol.

Step 3: Leave-in Conditioner

I always ALWAYS use leave-in. Lately, I’ve been doing this while my hair is still soaking wet so it gets a chance to penetrate my hair shaft. I use this time to further detangle my hair and place them into sections for the next step. Some conditioners also state that they can be used as leave-in which is a plus for me since I have them and don’t use them while washing.

Styling Routine

Step 4: LCO Method

Liquid/Leave-in | Cream | Oil

If you didn’t know, now you do; that’s what the LCO/LOC acronym stands for depending on the way you use the products. My preference is the LCO method. After applying my leave-in and detangling, I go in with my twisting cream and seal with an oil of choice.

I hardly if ever use gel on my hair- it always results in buildup or residue and leaves my hair hard and dry. At the moment, I’m using Castor or Jojoba Oil to seal in the moisture. As for the cream it’s usually heavy with a medium/strong hold.

Step 5: Style Choice

My go-to choice are regular-degular two-strand twists. If I’m feeling extra and I have time I may choose to do a three-strand twist or braid out. It also depends on the look I’m going for and if I have any particular place to go. Three-strand twists and braids give the best definition if you love the crinkly curly look. However, two strand twists will give you the volume and definition depending on the products used. I’m also trying to master my flat twist technique so I sometimes use that method.

I’ve given up on doing wash n’ gos because I realize they’re not 4C friendly or I haven’t found the right technique/products. A wash n go usually results in single strand knots for me, they take forever to dry and my hair shrinks way too much.

If the twist out has run its course before the next wash day I usually pull it up into a high puff or style it in a different way (e.g. half up half down, a faux hawk, an afro etc.) Other styles I’ve managed to try on one off occasions are finger coils, perm rods and bantu knots. Check out one of my twistouts on IGTV below.

It’s only 5 steps but the process it takes to go through each one can be a lengthy one, especially with detangling and styling. Have you ever used any of the products above? What about your wash day routine, what is it like? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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