Valentine’s Dinner: Papa’s by the Sea, Antigua

Hey Guys!

I’m a few days late, but how was your Valentine’s Day? I spent the day having lunch with my best friend, then went out for dinner with my family. Thursdays are usually a little family “ritual” where we go out for dinner, and Papa’s by the Sea was the choice last week.

Valentine's dinner at Papa's by the Sea, Antigua


Papa’s by the Sea is located in Falmouth Harbour, on the southern end of Antigua and also one of our most popular areas for tourists. The drive can take anywhere from 30 – 35 minutes, if you’re coming from the town area.

It’s an open style restaurant with access to a beach as well as a pool located on site. They are open for lunch and dinner six days a week (except Thursdays) and are known to have several specials depending on the day or season.


As you know it was Valentine’s Day, so of course there was a special. A three course meal from a select menu, with a welcome glass of bubbles for XCD $125 (USD $ 46) per person. I thought this was a really good deal, especially considering the portion sizes. The menu items ranged from soups, seafood, meats and even veggie options.



As the special was based on each individual we decided to have a range of starter options, so that we could all have a taste of everything. We had Crispy Crab Cakes served with avocado and lime salsa, vegetable spring rolls and barbecue chicken wings. Out of all the options, I enjoyed the chicken wings the best. I had high hopes for the crab cakes, but through chewing there were small pieces of what I assume to be shells, thus it wasn’t enjoyable. As for the spring rolls, I didn’t enjoy the mixture on the inside, the vegetables seemed overcooked so it was incredibly mushy as opposed to a nice crunch.

Other options on the menu include:
Homemade pumpkin & ginger soup
Arugula, Tomato & Mozarella Pesto Salad


If you know me you’d expect me to have the pasta, however I went out for lunch earlier and had seafood pasta so I decided to try something new. Based on the options listed, I went with the cajun grilled chicken breast served with garlic shrimp sauce, mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Overall, it was pretty decent. I was unsure of mixing chicken with seafood, but it wasn’t bad. The chicken was nice and tender; also, the potatoes were really creamy.

All main courses were served with fresh local vegetables and your choice of rice, mashed potatoes or hand-cut chips.


It was the first time in a long time I had dessert while out on dinner. However, it was included in the price, so why not? There were two options Chocolate Cake and Cheesecake; I went with the latter. It wasn’t the absolute best I’ve tasted, but good nonetheless.


Food: 3.5/ 5
Drinks: */ 5
Service: 3/ 5
Venue: 4 / 5

Price: $$ – $$$

1 – Awful (Would not return)
2 – Okayish (Only if there is no other option)
3 – Satisfied
4 – Good (Would return / Nicely setup)
5 – Awesome (One of my favorites)

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