Feature: Contemporary Art with Kendra

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It’s the end of another month, let’s welcome our newest feature: Ms. Kendra Davis. Read on to find out more about this awesome young lady, and how she makes the best use of her talents! As always, remember to spread the love (like, comment, share).

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Meet Kendra,

I’m a 25-year-old contemporary Antiguan Artist, using art as a form of personal expression. Inspired by my Caribbean surroundings and the constant changes therein.


Q: How did your love for the arts develop?

K: I would say that my love for art has always been there, maybe not as serious as it is now, but I’ve definitely always loved art and being able to grow, develop and then contribute to the art world is a big accomplishment for me.

Q: Who are some of your favorite artists?

K: This would definitely be too numerous to mention. I do however, love Salvador Dali and Kehinde Wiley. Basquiat is also a favorite of mine.

Q: What is the process like when you’re creating?

K: My process is always changing and developing. I approach different ideas in multiple ways. One thing that is always consistent however, is finding a way to express myself in a new and unique way. Music has always gone hand in hand with making art for me and the occasional dance break of course, lol.


Q: What is your preferred style of art, and why?

K: I would say that I’m a mixed media artist, that is, I incorporate different materials into collages and paintings which are the major types of work I create. I enjoy all types of art too. I think it’s important that people are able to express themselves in so many different ways.

Q: Who are your biggest influences?

K: My Influences range from amazing Caribbean artists such as Mark Brown and Peter Minshall to the ever-changing world of contemporary art and how interesting the aesthetic of the Caribbean is.

Q: What’s your biggest achievement to date? (in terms of your artwork)

K: My biggest achievement, I think that would just simply be the opportunity to have my work seen by my peers both here and elsewhere. Completing my degree was also a huge moment for me. These things motivate me everyday to always keep pushing forward.


Q: What obstacles have you faced while being an artist in your home country? How did you overcome them?

K: There are struggles in every profession and I suppose you just have to find ways to cope or adapt to your situation. A huge issue I find is something as simple as getting persons to understand that art can be more than just a pass time or a hobby. It’s a powerful medium once used correctly. Some other issues could be things like sourcing materials and getting your work out to a wider market.

Q: A piece of advice you’d like to share with other young adults?

K: The best piece of advice I can give would be to keep working on your craft, always try to find new ways to elevate yourself and to make whatever you do your best. Don’t be too easily discouraged, you’d be surprised by the kind of things that are possible!


Thank you so much for sharing your story, looking forward to more of your social media posts and getting to know you better. Continue doing what you love!

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2 responses to “Feature: Contemporary Art with Kendra”

  1. This is amazing. I’ve had the pleasure two of Kendra’s art pieces and they are amazing. I like that she said keep working on your craft and to not be easily discouraged, that’s something many of us do. It is important to keep pushing indeed. Great post!

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