2018 Summer Bucket List

Hey Guys! It’s officially SUMMER (tomorrow, based on the Summer Solstice).

In addition to my 101 in 1001 list there are a few stuff I’d like to complete this Summer. I’ve realized that even though this year is supposed be me being unapologetic and unstoppable, I haven’t been living up to it fully. There were stuff that I could have done or planned to do but didn’t, because I didn’t want to do it by myself. However, I’m realizing more and more that if I keep waiting on other people to do stuff they may never get done. Not only is it a matter of others not being able to make the time, there are also activities which simply may not interest others.


So, here are a few things I’d love to do this Summer:

Explore somewhere local you’ve never been before:

  • Visit mermaid gardens
  • Go on a morning hike

Taste new foods:

  • Brunch at Vino Joe’s
  • Lunch at Papa’s by the Sea (There’s a new summer menu)

Try new things:

  • Go to the drive-in cinema
  • Go for a walk and watch the sunset or go to a location to watch a sunrise
  • Try out the floating bar
  • Participate in a “Paint & Sip”
  • Visit the Miami Zoo
  • Try a new protective hairstyle (lemonade braids? faux locs?)


There you have it, three months to try some new activities! I know these may seem fairly easy to some people, but simply listing them doesn’t mean I’ll get them done. P.S I have a strong loving relationship with my bed. Plus I’ve been thinking of these stuff for a while, so summer is definitely the best time to push myself some more to get them done.

What’s on your summer list?


Featured image: pixabay

7 responses to “2018 Summer Bucket List”

  1. Is that last picture of Antigua? Regardless, it’s gorgeous, and I feel happy just looking at it! My good friend and I came up with a summer bucket list together. A hike is on ours too. Some of our other items include a comedy show, a concert, and trying cheese udon noodles. Summer is so much more fun when we make it a point to do stuff – I’d hardly leave my room otherwise!

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  2. I wanna go to a summer drive in as well! Sounds super fun! I think I just wanna be able to go on all of the summer vacations and trips I planned to go on this summer!

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