March Goals + Mantra of the Month


Time – 5:15 p.m
Feeling – Tired & disappointed
Listening To – The music in my head, which happens to be soca (Kes – Hello)
Missing – Past relationships; every once in a while this happens. Is it some sort of sign/message? Should I reach out to them? Or am I missing what they offered me?
Should be Doing – Resting before I go to meeting later. It’s been a long couple of days.
Reading – ugh same book as last month but I WILL finish it this week.
Anticipating – My new blog feature *hopefully at the end of this month*; as well as my long awaited blog update.
Loving – surprisingly rotaract…. It’s also World Rotaract Week and the organization is celebrating 50 years!!


This Week + March –
(P.S This includes stuff from last month *ugh*)

[Last Month]

  • Complete my immediate tasks for Rotaract – this may be a permanent fixture on my list
  • Write in my journal, my current feelings as well as my 2018 goals
  • Read the Bible everyday (I started couple plans on, there’s also an app)
  • Keep up with Duolingo (Spanish & French) – Definitely fell off with this, but I started a new trivia app which helps me learn a few things.
  • Read up on hosting and purchase domain (1/2 way, yay)
  • Lay ground work for new ideas – made connection with one person to feature on blog; need to set the pace for my other project
  • Save Save Save Save!!I started the $5 Challenge
  • Sort out my bills from January *Lol*
  • Get a protective style!
  • Get to 450 followers on the blog, 350 followers on IG and 550 followers on Twitter – (almost there with the blog & twitter, but still struggling with Instagram)

[This Month]

  • Contact one other person for blog monthly feature
  • Research how to start a newsletter
  • Read 2 new books

Not adding anymore because I need to finish some of the others from previous months.

Current Mantra/ Affirmation


You can read more about this here. However, I’m sure you can agree with this statement to some extent. There are times when you can do something *any little thing* as opposed to NOTHING; but there are also times when you have to understand that maybe nothing is better than something.

I’ve spoken about doing things for a cause and not for applause earlier this week. Well, if you’re only going to do something for recognition whether you feel like it or not, maybe you shouldn’t. Don’t just do things for doing them sake, do it for a purpose. I rather give something my all the first time than to half ass it. So it’s really up to you how you want to take it.

That’s all for now folks!

- Aaliyah


3 responses to “March Goals + Mantra of the Month”

  1. What’s the $5 challenge?.. I am currently doing the 52 week challenge but would love to hear more about the $5..


    1. Lol it’s really simple, just collecting/saving all the $5 bills you come in contact with.


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