Hair Update + New Products

Yeah yeah I know it has been awhile and I haven’t updated anything about my hair, but have no fear it’s still natural! So when we last spoke, I gave you guys all the deets about my current hair affairs aka HEAT DAMAGED. So far, it’s gotten better but still far from the best. One of the hardest things to do may be repairing damaged hair.

hair update

I’ve also been receiving comments from individuals about my hair, which is annoying as much as it is depressing. Can you imagine someone really asked me if I was mixed because of the texture of my hair? Yeah right. Someone also asked if I had relaxed the ends…….Like who would just relax the ends of their hair? Depending on my mood I’d explain the situation but most times I try my best to brush it off. 

I think what bothers me so much is the fact that I’ve been trying so hard to fix it.

Repairing Process

– Shampoo and Deep conditioning or Cowashing is being done on a weekly basis
– Moisturizing using the LCO (Leave-in – Conditioner – Oil) Method.

Due to the length of my hair it’s difficult to do a lot of protective styles *without extensions* or I’m just not used to it. Tempted to get braids considering all these new styles, but I’m just not sure since parts of my hair are still weak.

– My styles of choice are wash n’ gos or (flat) twist outs. *However, I really hate having my hair out so often*

– I also have been clipping my own hair to get rid of the straight trashy ends.

New Products

I’ve never heard of this brand before but when I went to the store it seemed like they were totally out of products or they didn’t receive a shipment. However, I still decided to try it as the price was affordable and it was something different.

LottaBody Leave in Conditioner & Moisturizing Cream

2018-02-26 17963400798..jpeg

These smell GREAT. Of course they do, it’s the coconut! Together they strengthen your hair, prevent breakage, defines curls, tames frizz while adding moisture and shine. So far I haven’t had a problem I just wish the bottle was bigger because I think my hair needs a lot of moisture.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

2018-02-26 172144747996..jpeg

Decided to get this oil to help with my new hair growth and hopefully regain some thickness and shine. I think it’s a little different from the raw castor oil since this has mango and lime (which makes the smell awesome).

Cantu Shine & Define Custard

2018-02-26 1744896315..jpeg

Luckily my mom gave me this product as it wasn’t really working for her. I find it works best on wash n’ gos as it does say “apply to soaking wet hair”. It’s just the time it takes to define all the curls and ensuring its evenly distributed. I also used this a little for my last twist out and it wasn’t too bad.

Thanks for keeping up with my rollercoaster natural hair journey; any new products or style to share? Let me know below.



- Aaliyah


7 responses to “Hair Update + New Products”

  1. Repairing damaged hair is an absolute nightmare, sounds like you are doing well though, so keep going! Love the products you’ve suggested, some I’ve never heard of, so it would be good to give them a try 🙂

    Heather Xx

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